Introduction of your business in EU – company in Slovenia

Introduction of your business in EU - company in Slovenia

Having a business in Europe is a dream of many foreign entrepreneurs. You can accomplish it by opening a company in Slovenia, which is a very popular business destination in recent times. If you have a developed product or service abroad, you can make the introduction of your business my opening a subsidiary or branch office in Slovenia, EU.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Introduction of your existing business in EU by opening a subsidiary in Slovenia

To make an introduction of your products or services to the European market, you can decide to open a subsidiary in Slovenia. A subsidiary is an independent company of the LTD type. The owner of the subsidiary is a foreign legal entity. You can do the introduction of your business in Slovenia by opening such a subsidiary. It can conduct its business independently and can also register additional business activities which you can then offer on this new market. The subsidiary is connected to the parent company only by ownership – meaning that the parent company can support it by financial loans and is also entitled to the payout of dividends in case the subsidiary has profit.

Are you planning just on an introduction of your existing services or products in the EU? Then open a branch office in Slovenia.

Many foreigners do no plan to develop any new products on the new market buy just want to expand their existing business and promote the services abroad. Opening a branch office for the introduction of your services would be a perfect choice in that case. A branch is not a separate legal entity but a part of the parent company. It is financially dependent on the parent company and also does not require founding capital in the process of registration. Because it is used to provide or promote existing services, you can only register the same business activities as the parent company has. A branch is also the only company type which you can establish remotely, without visiting Slovenia. But you have to do the company registration at the notary.

You do not have an existing company abroad? No problem, you can open a new LTD at a natural person in Slovenia.

Even if you are a new entrepreneur, you can engage in business in Slovenia. You can register a new LTD company with 7500€ share capital as a natural person. This will enable you to do an introduction of a business idea on a vibrant European market even without prior business experience. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company even without prior residence in Slovenia. In addition to the capital, they only need a business address in Slovenia and Slovenian tax numbers for all shareholders and directors.

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