Residence permits in Slovenia – who can get it? What kind?

Residence permits in Slovenia – who can get it? What kind?

Residence permits are permits to enter Slovenia. They can be for specified period of time. And also for specified purpose. But they can also be for an indefinite period of time. And in which law are residence permits defined? Our company help with company registration in Slovenia! But this isn’t all!  Do you know that in our company we also offer support in obtaining residence permits? Do you need our help? Then don’t wait! Contact us for more information! Opening company in Slovenia will be easy with our help! Call us +386 40 530 718! Or you can also write us to

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Residence permits in Foreigners Act (ZTuj-2)

Permits for residence are defined in forth chapter of the Foreigners ACT (ZTuj-2). In general permits are temporary and permanent. Temporary residence permits are issued for specific purpose. And they are issued for specific period of time as well. And what about permanent permits? They are issued to foreigners without restrcions regarding the duration and purpose fo their stay in Slovenia. What does a foreigner need for permament residence permit? Foreigner must fulfill one condition. But there are also exceptions! You want know to which ones? Then contact our conusltants for answers! Call us +386 40 530 718! And we will be happy to help you!

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What kind of residence permits we know?

Do you know that you can open company in Slovenia and obtain work permit? Want to know more about conditions for permit? Our advisers can help you! They can provide information about conditions and procedures for obtaining residence permit. And what if you already have one? Then they can help you with renewing it. So, contact us on +386 40 530 718! Or you can write us an email on

Let’s just generaly check some residence permits (for temporary residence). First one is single work and residence permit. This is s a temporary residence and work permit that allows a foreigner to enter, reside and work in Slovenia. Second one is Self-employed residence permit. Third one is Temporary residence permit for performing work in the field of research and higher education. Then we have EU Blue Card. Another permit is for seasonal work. Next one is temporary residence permit for studying. And there is also permit for daily labor migrant. You can also get permit for family members based on family reunification.

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And permits for permanent residence?

Residence permit can also be issued for permanent residence. But there is one condition. Which one? The condition for issuing a permanent residence permit is five years of continuous legal residence in Slovenia on the basis of temporary residence permit. But there are also exceptions. And in some cases foreigner can obtain a permanent residence permit earlier. Do you know wonder in which cases? Then contact us now! We will be happy to help you! Don’t wait! We are here for you!

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We don’t only only help with residence permits! In our company we can help you register company in Slovenia! We have more than 30 years of experience. So, we know how to help you! We provide you quality business, accounting and legal counselling! Want to start your business in Slovenia/EU? Contact us! Just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and start your process today!

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