Youth hostel in Slovenia as an idea for business in EU

Youth hostel in Slovenia as an idea for business in EU

In the last year, tourism has grown in Slovenia. The country gained global recognition and the people wanting to visit it increased. Slovenia is also a good hub for tourists visiting central Europe in general and while some tourist would just want to pass through it, they decide to stay longer once they step foot in Slovenia and see what a hidden gem the country is. The tourists coming to Slovenia also need a place to stay while visiting. Because of the increasing numbers of people travelling here, sometimes there is not enough room to accommodate all of them. Hence, a good idea for business in Slovenia is to open a youth hostel and provide cheaper accommodation options to travelers from all over the world.

Open a youth hostel in Slovenia, EU – company registration

In order to open a youth hostel, you would have to open a company in Slovenia first. Non-EU citizens cannot buy property as natural persons, so if you plan to buy real estate in order to rent it out, you would have to open a company for that purpose anyway.

A non-EU citizen can open an LTD company. It is private company limited by shares with minimal founding capital 7.500€. The shareholders and representatives need to obtain a Slovenian tax number in order to register such a company. In addition, the company needs a business address in Slovenia. All shareholders have to travel to Slovenia to establish company. The registration process takes around 2 weeks to be completed, providing you obtain the Slovenian tax number in advance.

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Conditions of running a youth hostel as a business activity of your company in Slovenia, EU

If you have decided to open a youth hostel, you would have to abide by certain regulations in order to run the business activity legally. You would have to fulfill minimal technical standards for the spaces and equipment. Additionally, you would also have to offer a minimal scope of services, depending on the categorization of the accommodation facility.

You would also have to abide by the standards for safety at work, fire safety and keep appropriate records. This includes recording the check-in and check-out of guests.

To run a hostel, you would have to obtain an operating permit. You can submit the application at the Administrative unit in Slovenia or at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning.

Youth hostels are not necessarily a subject of categorization (IYHF). But should they fulfill the requirements for a specific type of accommodation facility that is subjected to categorization, they have to be categorized within this type of facility. Youth hostels also have to report their guest registry to the police and it can be done electronically.

If the youth hostel offers catering services, it has to abide by additional regulation.

If your youth hostel will be offering foods and beverages, you have to abide by the regulations in order to ensure the safety of food products. The Law on Catering (ZGos) set these regulations which are as follows: reception of guests minimally 12 hours a day, naming a contact person that is available 24 hours a day, safe-keeping of keys and other valuables etc. You would also have to provide a telephone for outside calls, message forwarding service etc.

Cleanliness and tidiness of the youth hostel

The tidiness of the rooms will be a subject of inspection. It is legally mandatory to provide clean linens, changing linens at least one per week and towels at least every other day. The dining halls and outside areas are also a subject of additional regulations.

The minimal standards for spaces and equipment for a hostel require accommodation rooms and those have to include closets and toilets. The conditions are also defined according to the size of beds, arrangement of the space to prepare and serve good, drinks and other spaces, like washrooms and similar.

You would also have to register the business hours of the youth hostel and make sure that it is appropriately marked. The prices of the catering services have to be legibly written in form of a price list. You have to place it in a visible location in all areas, where you would offer these services.

The Law on the health suitability of food products (ZZUZIS) is also the basis for requirements of ensuring the safety of foods. The youth hostel, which offers catering services, also has to organize an internal control. It has to be in accordance with the HACCP system. In this case, the provider of the business activity has to register a food establishment at the Health Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia ZIRS – the Food Safety Authority (UVHVVR).

The common areas of the youth hostel have to include televisions and daily newspapers.

The youth hostel is also a subject of the limitations regarding selling and offering alcoholic beverages and limitations in using tobacco products. It has to obtain a permit to sell tobacco and tobacco-related products.

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