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At DATA Company, we breathe with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Therefore, we provide all the services and business consulting needed by companies and their owners to operate successfully. We followed the philosophy of “everything in one place” and so we created a complete support environment for entrepreneurs.

All-round business consulting in one place

We are committed to entrepreneurship and in essence we strive to find positive solutions for you every day. Above all, we offer complete support in one place, since this is especially important when you decide to expand your business to Slovenia – an environment where you do not know the laws, the language and the business practices. In brief: we are aware that business consulting plays an essential role in helping enterprises grow and reduce overall costs.

Apart from helping you register your company, preparing all the necessary documentation for its smooth business operations and helping representatives in Slovenia, at DATA company we also stand by your side during your adaptation to business and life here. In short: we offer you full high-quality business consulting for your business abroad at any time!

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