Advantages of opening LTD company in Slovenia

Advantages of opening LTD company in Slovenia

 Advantages of opening and growing LTD company

Advantages of opening ltd company are many. However, in this article we will focus on explaining most important ones. So, what it takes to expand a business ? How much time and expense? Once a small idea becomes a big business plan, how do you begin a business? How to develop is the first question that a businessman asks after he gets an idea for developing his business.

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Advantage 1 – Anyone can open LTD in Slovenia

Advantages of opening ltd company in Slovenia are numerous. First advantage is that anyone can register ltd company in Slovenia. That refers also for foreign citizens. Anyone, both Slovenians and foreigners, can form an LTD in Slovenia. At least one shareholder and at least one representative are required for this company type. Which can be the same individual. With the quantity of share capital, the LTD company is liable for business activity. Are you a business owner who is looking to register a company in Slovenia? Are you having trouble understanding what is best for the success of your business?  Then, you can apply for our free webinar on company registration and business immigration!

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Advantage 2 – It is simple to transfer ownership

There could be also different roles of individuals in this company. The person who has shares in the company is a shareholder or owner. The LTD corporation can have one or more owners, each of whom owns 100% of the company. If it has more, each shareholder agrees to own a certain percentage of the company. The representative is another role within the LTD company. Advantages of opening ltd company are many. The shareholder appoints the representative or director. He is in charge of making business decisions for the company. He or she is also responsible for the company’s business practices. When a limited company has more than one shareholder, it means that more people own a part of the company through their individual shares. Whether you own all or a number of the shares in Ltd, it is easy to transfer these shares to some other person.

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Advantages of opening LTD company – Simple registration

To establish a limited liability company is not complex. Firstly, you will need 7500€ share capital. The owners need to obtain a Slovenian tax number. But don’t worry. Our team of professionals will help you with the procedure. We are not ready yet. We also provide virtual office services. So, what is a virtual office? Do you also need office space? Do you also know that you can have this in one place? You are also welcome to contact our law experts. Want to know more about advantages of opening ltd company in Slovenia? Call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995 and we will also give you all the required information.

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