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Business presentations about SloveniaEU attend our free webinars!

Business presentations about Slovenia/EU: attend our free webinars!

For more than one year, experts at company DATA have been doing business presentations through our online webinars. This way we were able to be in touch with entrepreneurs all around the world even in times when travelling was more challenging. In our webinars we are presenting business in Europe and residency options. We have added new dates in [...]

Transit of goods through Slovenia - import to EU

Transit of goods through Slovenia – import to EU

Do you plan to do business in Europe? With a company in Slovenia, you can import goods and sell them in the entire EU. If you will import goods from third countries and plan to sell them in the EU, it is possible to do it through a transit of goods. This means that you import the goods from [...]

Transportation company in SloveniaEU

Transportation company in Slovenia/EU

With a transportation company in Slovenia you can transport goods in the entire EU! In this article, you can find out how and when you need a license to perform transport activities. Salary calculator in Slovenia/EU Transportation company – setting up the business Foreign citizens can register a LTD to start a business in Slovenia. You do not need to be an [...]

Naming your business in SloveniaEU

Naming your business in Slovenia/EU

When you are naming your business in Slovenia, it needs to meet all legal regulations. The name of the company has to be something that you can also use on the foreign markets. It is also important that it is not similar to the name of an already existing Slovenian company. Many times the name of the company is [...]

May dates for our free webinars on business in SloveniaEU

May dates for our free webinars on business in Slovenia/EU

Do you plan to expand your business in Europe and are looking for the optimal country? Then experts at DATA would be happy to explain the advantages of Slovenia as a business destination in Europe. We are providing the information through our free online webinars. We have added new May dates and invite you to attend them. For more information [...]

Opportunity for business in Europe choose Slovenia as your destination!

Opportunity for business in Europe: choose Slovenia as your destination!

Slovenia has an economic system based on the free market. Currently, Slovenia has around 1,200 fast-growing companies, and a large share of them are export-oriented. What is the opportunity for business in Slovenia if you are a foreign citizen? What are the advantages of Slovenia as your business destination in Europe? In this article we are also presenting Slovenia [...]

Car purchase in SloveniaEU - business investment

Car purchase in Slovenia/EU – business investment

Entrepreneurs in Slovenia can do a car purchase as an investment to do business in Europe. If this really pays off is a more complicated question. When is a car purchase a good investment for your business in Slovenia? Salary calculator in Slovenia/EU Does the car purchase make sense based on the activity you do? If your business is doing an activity [...]

Safety at work in SloveniaEU obligations of all employers

Safety at work in Slovenia/EU: obligations of all employers

Safety at work is the training that each employee who works in a LTD company or works as a sole trader and does business in Slovenia has to pass. You should do the training before starting work. You and your employees can also do this training at DATA d.o.o.  Call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) for more information [...]

Online learning about business in SloveniaEU attend our webinars!

Online learning about business in Slovenia/EU: attend our webinars!

Online learning through attending webinars has become a popular way to explore business options in the past year. At the company DATA, we have also been in course with providing our knowledge in this manner. We have been providing our support through online webinars where foreign business people can learn how they can start a business in Europe and [...]

Minimum monthly wage in SloveniaEU in 2021

Minimum monthly wage in Slovenia/EU in 2021

The minimum monthly wage in 2021 in Slovenia for full-time work is 1024.24 EUR gross or 736 EUR net. This is for the minimum wage for full-time work performed from 1 January of the year 2021 onwards. Salary calculator in Slovenia/EU The scope of the minimum monthly wage in 2021 The elements of the salary, as stated in the Employment Relationships Act, [...]