Open IT company in EU- how about Slovenia?

Open IT company in EU- how about Slovenia?

Open IT company in EU, Slovenia and you will have open doors to EU market. If you are an IT expert your skills are very marketable in the EU so it might be a good idea. Besides that, Slovenia is a good place for life and work. It is small but very nice European country. You will enjoy Slovenian coast and Alps. If you are a passionate traveler, Slovenia is a great place to do that as well. Besides that, most of its residants speak english so you will have no problem communicating and conducting your business.


Registering IT company in EU, Slovenia

So, you decided to take the big step to open IT company in EU, Slovenia. First, you need to register your company. You have a few choices. If, by any chance, you have already been residing in Slovenia for one year or more you can become a sole trader. The procedure is simple. Our legal experts can lead you through it. You can even register your company on our VEM point here in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

You don’t have a residence in Slovenia? No worries! Becoming a sole trader is not the only way to open IT company in EU, Slovenia. You can also register LTD company. For LTD company you need a founding capital of 7500 euro. You can use this money later on to cover some expenses like salaries, for example. In addition, you will need a Slovenian tax number and a bank account.


If you want to open IT company in EU, Slovenia our legal experts can register a company for you. We can do it fast too, but you have to provide all the documentations we need without delays. After registration, your company can do business right away. In addition, in case you want to work abroad you can sign contracts as soon as you open a company. Having said that, bear in mind that you can send workers abroad not sooner than two months after the company registration.

In case you already have a company for IT services you can open a Branch office. The advantage of the Branch office is that you do not need a Slovenian bank account. Also you don’t need a share capital. Having said that, it is really important to bear in mind that your Branch office is completely dependant on the mother company.

Employing workers

When you open IT company in EU, Slovenia you can employ EU residents and workers with a valid Single work and residence permit in Slovenia right away. For everyone without that status, you have to apply for Single work and residence permit. That applies for the owner of the company as well. The good news is, we can do it for you. Contact us on Viber/WhatsApp +386 64 173 023.

In order for the company to be able to apply for residence and work permits, you have to fulfil one of conditions of actively doing business. This is important, so be sure to read What is active business conduct of your company?


Data d.o.o. has a 30 years experience in business counseling and accounting. We can provide a full support for your business. You can even have a business address and secretary with us. For more information contact us on Viber/WhatsApp +386 64 173 023.

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