Business and immigration to Slovenia/EU

Business and immigration to Slovenia EU

Business and immigration to Slovenia/EU – how does the process look like?

Business and immigration to Slovenia are often the interest of those who want to expand their business to Europe. In this article we will explain how you can open a company in Slovenia. In addition, we write about how you can employ foreign citizens in that company as well as apply for a residence permit for yourself.

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Business and immigration to Slovenia –  how to open a company?

The advantage of Slovenia is that it is very easy to establish a company here. It can also start the process of business immigration. Any natural person may establish an LTD. If you are an EU citizen or have lived in Slovenia for at least a year, you can also become a sole trader. To open a LTD company, you need a Slovenian tax number and business address in Slovenia. You would also need a share capital of at least € 7,500. The Slovenian company can also operate in other EU countries. We publish all our updates on business and immigration to Slovenia on our Facebook  and Instagram. For more data, sign up for our free webinars on business in Slovenia.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

Business and immigration to Slovenia: expand your business to Slovenia

Moving to Slovenia is also a great option for those, who already have a business abroad and want to expand it. This way you can present your brand in Europe. You can open a branch office or a daughter company. In the case of a daughter company, the owner of that company would be your parent company from abroad. But it is still a LTD company. So, you still need to show € 7,500 as share capital. If you opt for a branch office, you do not need share capital. But the branch will not be a company that stands alone. Still, you can use it to promote your product in the new markets.

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How can you hire foreign workers?

What other upsides does business and immigration to Slovenia have? Most companies also have workers to provide services or sell products. In your company in Slovenia, you can employ an EU citizen and the people with permanent residence in Slovenia as soon as the company opens. You hire them by signing employment contracts and start paying them a salary. The average gross salary in Slovenia has increased this year. You can also employ non-EU citizens. If your company would like to employ non-EU citizens, you need to fulfill the condition of active business. This can be an investment of € 50,000. It can also be employment of an EU citizen for 6 months. The third option would be showing income of € 10,000 each month for 6 months. Our legal experts can help you with your business in Slovenia from start to finish.

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