Opening LTD or s.p. in Slovenia – What do you need to know?

Opening LTD or s.p. in Slovenia - What do you need to know?

Do you consider opening LTD (limited liability company) or s.p. (sole proprietor) in Slovenia? However, you don’t know how? You want to know what are the conditions? Don’t worry. This article will help you. Before we begin, you can send any question on our mail or write us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)

Opening LTD or s.p. – what do they represent?

Primarily, small entrepreneurs decide opening LTD or s.p. However, you need to know some basic information before that. For that, we offer free counseling before you register your company. You can get more information on the number or email from above.

What are the differences?

Firstly, the difference is important. It is in the founding capital and the responsibilities. There are also differences in the property ownership, accounting, and taxation. However, we want to emphasize that the registration process is free in DATA.

If you are thinking in opening a company in Slovenia, our experts will be happy to help you. We provide full support in the registration process.

What is the status, founding capital and responsibilities?

Moreover, s.p and LTD are different in their status. For example, the s.p. refers to a natural person that performs an operation. While LTD refers to a legal person as an independent subject. If you want to open s.p. you don’t need founding capital. Although you need funds for starting business. If you want to open LTD you need founding capital of 7500 EUR. Moreover, there is also difference in responsibility. Independent activity refers to your entire property, including your personal. Yet, in LTD the shareholders are responsible only up to the founding capital.

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What about the funds, accounting and taxes in s.p. and LTD?

Clearly, there is an important difference in the disposal of property. For example, s.p. disposes funds in business accounts and cash. On the contrary, owner of LTD can’t use the property of the company. Why? Because the property of the company is separated from the personal property. Moreover, there are differences in the accounting. What does that mean? So, s.p. can manage the financial part of the company. But there are types. There is basic and there is double accounting. Profit can be determined on the basis of standardized expenses. However, in the case of LTD there can be only double accounting.

To continue, there is difference in taxation as well. S.p. is taxed on the income. While the LTD is taxed on the profit of the legal persons. Are you interested in learning more? Please see our business, accounting, and tax counseling! We are open to all questions related to registering your business in Slovenia.


Why choose DATA?

Do you want to open LTD or s.p. in Slovenia? Contact DATA! We have respectable experience of more than 30 years and clients from all over the world. We offer quality services for new and established entrepreneurs. Also, we are specialized in business migration and other business operations. Our experts at DATA will be happy to help you register your company and get the work and residency permit in Slovenia.

We will guide you through the whole process. We offer full service in your company registration process! Have an idea? Got your business plan? Send us a message! Follow us on FacebookWe also offer webinars! Apply and let us help you!

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