Share capital in Slovenia/EU: what amount is suitable?

Share capital in Slovenia EU what amount is suitable

Share capital in Slovenia – how much do you have to deposit?

Share capital in Slovenia is needed when you register a LTD in Slovenia. Owners need to deposit at least 7,500 EUR. Those who want to do business in Europe but already have a company abroad, can also open a daughter company. Here, the parent company has to deposit the share capital in Slovenia. Slovenia is very interesting for foreign business people. The reasons for that are mainly because of the stable economy and the increased GDP this year.

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The amount of capital in a LTD

For registration of a LTD, the owners will have to provide share capital. The owners can agree on the percentage of the share capital each of them will put into the company. After the company is registered and the bank account is active, you can use these funds for your business. This can be salaries, investment, the purchase of materials, goods, etc. If you need advice in the process, our legal experts will be happy to help you.

When do you need a bigger sum for the share capital in Slovenia?

In case you want to do transport business,  you need a license. One of the grounds for getting the license is to show that the company is financially stable. Here, you need to show a certain amount for each truck. It is 9,000 EUR for the first vehicle, and 5,000 EUR for each one after that.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

The share capital in Slovenia: material assets

In addition to a cash deposit, you can also register a LTD with material assets as the share capital of the company. They may include: movable property, real estate, rights or shares in the company. But when you register a company with material assets, you would have to evaluate those assets. Also, these funds must be related to the business that the company does. For example, if you offer IT services, you can use assets such as computers or IT equipment.

In the process of company registration, these assets become the property of the company.

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When is the capital not needed?

If you already have a company abroad, you can open a branch office in Slovenia. You do not need a share capital in Slovenia for it. The branch depends on the parent company, so it does not need its own funds. The branch can also do only the same business as the parent company. For more data on opening a company in Slovenia, visit our Facebook  and Instagram. You can also sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.

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