Start new business in Slovenia – basic steps on the way

Start new business in Slovenia – basic steps on the way

Steps to open your own company and do business in Slovenia

How to open a company in Slovenia?  What are the basic steps to open a company? These are the most common questions of everyone who is starting a business in Slovenia. We will explain all that in this article.

The main steps to start new business are: business idea and a business plan to check if the idea is suitable for the market. In addition, what form of the company will you choose and to do business on the market. However, you will also need to prepare certain documentation so you can begin with the process.

First step to start new business in Slovenia

To open start a new business in Slovenia you will need  an initial capital in the amount of 7,500€. It is deposited on the company’s business account. You can later use this capital for salaries, expenses and other business needs. If there are more owners, you can split the amounts. When you start new business, you can deposit this amount in cash. You can also transfer it from your personal bank account.

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Step two – obtaining Slovenian tax numbers

Every owner and representative will need Slovenian tax number. With our help, you can obtain it verry easy. To obtain it you need to fill out a form called DR-02 with your personal information. You also need to attach the application with a scan of your passport and your tax number from the country where you are tax resident. It will take just few days to get it, after submitting the application at the Slovenian tax office.

Business address in Slovenia

Every company must have a business address in Slovenia. In order to register your company at an address, you need the consent of the owner of the space. If you are not the owner of course. In case you don’t need a business office, you can choose a virtual office service. Most importantly, we offer this service to you in Data.

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Data, your reliable partner on the way

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