Abbreviations of company types in Slovenia – what do they mean?

Abbreviations of company types in Slovenia - what do they mean?

In Slovenia, various company types exist. In accordance to the legislation, each business in Slovenia has to include the company type abbreviation in addition to the chosen company names. Those abbreviations are in Slovenian language, as the company type has to be in Slovenian language. Do you know what these abbreviations mean and which company type they represent?

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Abbreviation for limited liability company – d.o.o.

The most common company type in Slovenia is limited liability company. In Slovenia, the description for this company type is »družba z omejeno odgovornostjo«. Its abbreviation amounts to d.o.o. Here, the minimal share capital is 7500€.  The company holds liability for the business conduct with the amount of the share capital, not the shareholders personal assets. In the LTD company, there can be several shareholders, both natural persons as well as legal entities. It is also the easiest company type to establish.

Abbreviation for unlimited liability company – d.n.o.

Unlimited liability company in Slovenian transaltes to unlimited liability company. Its abbreviation is d.n.o., which means »družba z neomejeno odgovornostjo«. It is one of the least known and recognizable company types. It is a personal company of two or more entities, that hold liability for business conduct with all their personal assets, but is still a legal entity. Also, it can hold a lower number of shareholders than LTD company, who can be local or foreign natural persons or legal entities. There is no prescribed amount of minimal share capital, as the shareholders hold responsibility with all their personal assets. Because of these reasons it is a riskier company type, especially because shareholders need to work more closely together and there has to be a high level of trust.

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Abbreviation for joint stock company – d.d.

In Slovenia, there is also the company type of joint stock company. The Slovenian word for it is »delniška družba« and the abbreviation is d.d. It is one of the oldest company types, reaching back to the 15th century. Here, the share capital consists of shares (stocks). It is represented by a legal entity which is also the holder of the rights and obligations in legal transactions. The joint stock company does not hold responsibility with personal assets of the shareholders but the company holds responsibility up until the amount of the company’s assets. The holders of the stock are not the owners of the company but only fulfill their membership and property rights. This company type can partake in the stock market.

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Limited partnership – k.d.

A limited partnership is called »komanditna družba« in Slovenian language. The abbreviation is k.d. It is similar to unlimited liability company, as it has to include 2 or more partners. At least one shareholder has to be responsible for the business with all their personal assets (a general partner – »komplementar«), while at least one of the partners holds no responsibility to the company (a limited partner – »komanditist«). This person holds liability only by their share in the company. There is also no prescribed amount of capital for the establishment of this company type. This is also a riskier company type than LTD.

Abbreviation for sole proprietorship – s.p.

A sole proprietorship is called »samostojni podjetnik« in Slovenia language, hence the abbreviation s.p. This is not legal entity, but an individual person doing a business activity. Here, the company connects to the natural person who is the holder of the activity. There is no share capital for registration as the person is liable for business conduct with all their personal assets. It cannot have more shareholder as it connects only to the natural person who is the owner. EU citizens and people who live in Slovenia at least 1 year can register sole proprietorship.

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