The cost of opening a business in Slovenia

The cost of opening a business

The cost of opening a business in Slovenia is one of the main questions our clients have. All in all, opening a business in Slovenia is cheaper than other countries. However, you have to be familiar with expenses. We prepared this article for better understanding. But you can always talk to our business consultants, if you have any concerns. Reach them on Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718 or e-mail:

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The cost of opening a business – LTD

You can open a LTD company in just a few days. It is one of the most common company forms in Slovenia. Let’s look at the cost of opening this kind of business. Initially, you will need a founding capital. Minimal is €7,500. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if you are opening a transport company. In this case, the founding capital depends on the number of vehicles you will be using. The amount is higher with each one.

This means that the cost of opening a business also depends on the business activity you choose. Our legal consultants can help you with the details of each. Call +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) to set up an appointment.

A small cost will also be opening a bank account. That depends on each individual bank. Read more about additional costs below.

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Investments for obtaining work and residence permit

There is more to the cost of opening a business than the initial investments. Especially in case you want to employ yourself. Or other foreigners, for that matter. Foreigners need a work and residence permit, to work and live in Slovenia. There are several ways of obtaining them. Our legal team can help you with that.

Anyway, it’s either going to take time or money. You have to prove that your company is actively operating. The cheaper way, without adding to the cost of opening a business is waiting 6 months. In this time you have to either:

  • have a full time employee (from the EU), or
  • have monthly revenue of €10.000.

The third option, however, is an investment. You can invest €50.000 into fixed assets and prove your activity right away. If you need help obtaining work and residence permits, our team of experts will be happy to do it for you.

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What cost of opening a business can be avoided?

Here at Data, we wish the best for you. That also means we don’t want you to have unexpeced costs. For example with a notary. It is true that you might need one to certify some documents. However, if you wanted to register a company with founding capital in fixed assets, you would have to go through the whole process with a notary. The costs in this case would not be small. In this case it is better to have the founding capital in money. This way you can go through the registration process here at Data and and avoid this cost.

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To avoid any additional costs, you can rely on our legal consultants. They are experts in migration law. With their help you can avoid making costly mistakes. Are you ready to start a business in Slovenia? Do it here at Data! You can register a company for free! If your answer is yes, write us an e-mail: You can also call us on Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718 or fill out this contact form.

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Once your business is up and running

When you open a business in Slovenia, you will start working. Therefore, you will have to pay yourself (and other empoyees, if you have any) a salary. That is also the cost of opening a business. But at this point you are also gaining money. Let’s look at how much paying salary will cost you.

The gross minimal wage in Slovenia (in 2024) is €1,253,90. This is the least you have to pay your full-time employees. This amount is based on the minimum cost of living in Slovenia. If you need help with managing your accounts, you can use our accounting services. Our experts with over 34 years of experience are the best in the field.

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To conclude, opening a business in Slovenia is much easier with Data. We offer business consultations before and during registration process. Our legal experts help you avoid mistakes, prepare documents and obtain permits. When you are up and running, you can take advantage of our accounting services. All you need to do now is call us on Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718, write us an e-mail: or fill out this form.

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