Do you know what a startup company is?

Do you know what a startup company is?

A startup company is a newly founded company, which tries to succeed with an innovative idea or product. Most commonly it is a small company that has a carefully thought out short-term strategy for success. In business, a startup company hopes to achieve high earnings from selling their products or services, which do not exist anywhere on other markets.

Google and Facebook as primarily startup companies

It is typical for startup companies that the founders want to create and keep a light work environment and contribute to better business conduct. Google and Facebook principally advocated this kind of approach, but they have long since outgrown the meaning of a startup company. The success of these kinds of companies depends on financing and the amount of means, which the company has access to in the very beginning.

A startup company is different from other types of companies in the way that is searches for completely new business models and tries to enter new markets, which were  unexplored up until now.

Startup companies in Slovenia

If you want to open a startup company, you will probably have to register a private limited company (LTD) according to the Law of companies (ZGD-1).  You can to that at our One Stop Shop at Data.

Slovenian startup companies have up until now raised 120.000.000 EUR, a more than half of this amount (55.000.000 EUR) only in the year 2014. According to the information of the Slovenian Stat up ecosystem (SSE), this numbers will double every year. Altogether, Slovenian startup companies are worth approximately 552.000.000 EUR.

Open a startup company with our help!

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