Deed of incorporation for an Ltd – what should be in it?

deed of incorporation

The deed of incorporation is the document that the shareholder prepares at the DATA point when he/she comes to register the single-person limited liability company. Do you also want open company in Slovenia? Then call us at +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or send us an email at

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Frequently asked questions about the deed of incorporation

In essence, it is the shareholder that draws the deed of incorporation of an LTD drawn up by a shareholder at the DATA point. It usually contains the basic provisions, the relations that the shareholder adopts for the operation of the company. What does the owner specify in it? Also, can it be changed after a while? Can there be more representatives in the company? If the answer is yes, how many of them? If you have these and other questions, you are in the right place. We will explain them now. In other case, if you have different dilemmas about business in Sloveniacall us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and schedule a meeting with our business advisors!

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Deed of Incorporation – contents of the document

Do you want to register a company at a DATA point? Here, we prepare all the documentation for you, including the deed of the corporation. To illustrate, the deed contains the name, surname and address of the sole shareholder; the company name and the abbreviated company name; and the business address of the company. In brief, it shall specify the activities which the company intends to carry on. Also, it needs to specify each individual’s capital share in the company. In addition to it, there must be an article that specifies the method of payment of the share capital –  in full and in cash to the TRR before the application for registration. What it needs also is an article that says how many managers and proxies there are.

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Deed of Incorporation and registration procedure at the DATA point

To move on, the registration procedure of an Ltd at the DATA Point can be very smooth with our help. Our clerk will prepare everything for you. That includes:

  • Deed of Incorporation,
  • the resolution that appoints the representative,
  • the decision on the establishment of the business address,
  • declaration of the representative, and
  • tax information.

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Then, you sign all the documents and receive a copy of them. What follows is you open a temporary bank account on which you deposit the minimum amount of initial capital of EUR 7 500,00. Meanwhile, the bank issues you a receipt for the deposit of the capital, which you return to the DATA Point. At this point, the clerk submits the application electronically. Once the Court reviews the application, it issues a decision. If everything is in order, the company will be ready for business in a week. Eventually, you can then switch your bank account to a business one and start your business adventure. Sounds simple, right? So it is! With the help of our advisors, you can start a business in Slovenia very quickly!

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Summing up, do you find this helpful? Do you want to start a business adventure in Slovenia? Wait no more! We will be glad to help you. Our professional tax and legal teams can guide your business before and after the registration! Our rich experience of 30 years says a lot about that! So, are you ready? Do you need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Last but not least, if you want to follow our work on social media, please visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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