Register an Ltd at no cost – is it possible?

Register an Ltd at no cost - is it possible?

Are you an entrepreneur and want to register an Ltd in Slovenia? Can you actually do it at no cost? Is it possible? Do you want to know more about business in Slovenia? If the answer is yes, maybe you want to check the first registration steps? In either case, if you have any dilemmas, just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and start your process today!

Register an Ltd at DATA

DATA helps entrepreneurs register an Ltd for more than 30 years. If you want to do it with our help, you need to attend the registration procedure in person. Also, if there are no restrictions on opening an Ltd as set out in Article 10a of the Companies Act. In essence, you need to allocate a minimum capital of EUR 7,500.00 to open the Ltd. Contrary, there are cases when you cannot open an Ltd at DATA point. When is that? And why? As we have shown, you need to be here in person, so you cannot authorize another person. Also, when when your spouses wants to become shareholders in the Ltd together. Similarly, you cannot open an Ltd at DATA if you allocate fixed assets as the share capital. In all these cases, you need to proceed to a notary’s public office and not at DATA.

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Register an Ltd with the authorization of a shareholder to another person

You cannot register an Ltd if you are not present in person. However, the shareholder of the future company can authorize another person to carry out all the procedures for the registration of the Ltd for him. In that case, the person must register the Ltd with a notary. Remember that DATA a referent cannot set up an Ltd with powers of attorney. Of course, the notary will invoice for the Ltd registration procedure.

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What if the members of the company are spouses?

In essence, spouses (or partners in an extra-marital partnership) can decide to open a Ltd and agree to be both partners in their own Ltd. In that case, then they will have to draw up the articles of association in notarial form and carry the the registration procedure at a notary. Even after registration, they will have to make most of the changes to the Ltd’s data with a notary public. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What if fixed assets are reserved for capital?

Moreover, when a shareholder decides to allocate fixed assets (machinery, immovable property, movable property, intellectual property, etc.) to the start-up capital of a Ltd, he/she must first find an appropriate valuer. Then, the notary carries out the registration with a notarial deed from the forensic valuer on the value of the fixed assets. Do you want to know more about Ltd registration? Check our last article about it!

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Ltd in case of multiple shareholders and specific articles in the articles of association

When it comes to the memorandum of association, our DATA referent can draft that for you. But, what is that? What does it represent? It is a standardized memorandum of association in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act-1. When several shareholders decide to register an Ltd, it often happens that they want to insert additional articles in the articles of association which specifies the company relations. For that matter, only a notary public can enter additional articles in the articles of association.

Ltd registration at DATA – how does the process look like?

In short, to register an Ltd at a DATA Point is a procedure that does not involve any costs in the preparation of the documents. The DATA referent guides you in the process through the preparation of all the necessary documents. After that, he/she hands you the documents for the bank to open a temporary account and deposit the capital. Also, when he/she receives the complete documents for the Ltd, he/she electronically submits the application to the registration court. Eventually, the company enters in the register of companies within a week after the complete application is submitted to the court. Overall, this can be very simple process if we follow the steps. Guess what? With the help of DATA we can do that in no time!

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Why choose DATA?

Do you want to register an Ltd in Slovenia? You can do that at DATA with the help of our experts. We provide quality business, legal, and accounting services! We can guide you through through the registration process and help your business grow after that. Our respectable experience of more than 30 years is another proof of our loyalty and success. Do you want to fulfill your business idea? Don’t wait! Just contact us! Last but not least, if you want to follow our work, please visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!

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