Labor market in Slovenia – when is work permit not required?

labor market in Slovenia

Labor market in Slovenia is accessible to all EU citizens. They can get employed as soon as possible. They do not need to get a work permit. Despite being from a differrent country. What are some other exeptions? Can third-country nationals get employed as well? When is a work permit not required?

Company registration

The most common way to obtain work and residence permit is by opening company in Slovenia. After registration, you can employ yourself in it.


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The control of labor market in Slovenia

Foreigners from third countries usually need an approval from the Employment Service of Slovenia (ZRSZ). For this reason, they cannot freely access the labor market. That is individuals from countries outside of EU and EEA.

Immigration to Slovenia

In case you are a foreigner, you will need a work permit. Or a single work and residence permit. But it is important to check the labor market before applying! ZRSZ has to check if there are Slovenian candidates for the given job. If there are none, the company can submit an application for a work permit. This proves that the labor market in Slovenia does not have a suitable candidate for said job. The labor market control is successful. Did you know we also offer business consultations for foreigners? Our experts can help you obtain work and residency permits. For our services, please call +386 40 530 718 (Viber or WhatsApp).

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When is control not required?

There are some exeptions, when the companies do not have to control the labor market in Slovenia. Those are:

  • Applying for a permit for a representatice, based on Article 27 of the ZZSDT;
  • Employing a person for a shortage occupation (except in case they come from Serbia or Bosna and Herzegovina);
  • Employing a researcher or a visiting lecturer, based on Article 38 of Ztuj-1;
  • Previously called “personal work permit”, employing a person on the basis of Article 14 of the ZZSDT;
  • When extending a temporary residence and work permit. Only for the same position at the same employer;
  • When the residence permit is based on training (Article 25 of the ZZSDT);
  • In case the residence permit is based on the provision of individual services (Article 26 of the ZZSDT);
  • When the temporary residence permit is based on self-employment (Article 37b of the Ztuj-2);
  • In case of temporary residence for volunteers and trainees (Article 44c and 44d of the Ztuj-2);
  • In case of issuing a single permit for posted workers (Article 45 of the Ztuj-2);
  • When issuing a permanent residence permit (Article 52 of the Ztuj-2).

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When can a foreigner access the labor market freely?

In some cases a foreigner from a third country doesn’t need a work permit. They can get a job without it. This means they can access the labor market in Slovenia freely.

Who can access the market freely?

  • an individual that has a permanent residence permit in Slovenia;
  • someone that has a temporary residence permit

There are different ways of getting a temporary residence permit. For example:

  • as a family member (of a Slovene or EU citizen);
  • a foreigner of Slovenian descent;
  • a victim of human trafficing;
  • a victim of illegal employment.


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Some other people can also access the labor market in Slovenia for free. Those are immigrants that applied for protection. A person can also get a permit based on the 14th Article of the ZZDST. However, this person wil get an informative list from ZRSZ. This will serve as a work permit. The labor market in Slovenia is also free for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. All they need is a work permit based on the agreement between the two countries. And they have to stay at the first employer for a year. The work permit is enough to freely access the labor market.

But still, the most common way to get work and residence permit is by opening company in Slovenia.

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