Director and owner of a company in Slovenia

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Can you be a director and owner of company in Slovenia? Even if you are not an EU citizen? The answer is yes. You can be the director and owner of a limited liability company in Slovenia. The conditions are the same for citizens of EU countries as for citizens of non-EU countries. Interested? Call us and learn more.

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Director and owner of limited liability company in Slovenia

To open a limited liability company, the owner must deposit a capital. The capital must be in the amount of 7,500 euros. After registering the company, you can use the money. You can use it for business purposes (expenses, salaries and investment). The same person can be director and owner.

The property of the owner is separeted from the property of d.o.o. So, that is a big advantage of ownership of d.o.o. In addition, the owner is not liable for business conduct of the company. Because the company has its own assets. With which it is responsible for its obligations. Sounds interesting? Call us!

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In Slovenia, you can be the director and owner of a company at the same time. No matter from which country are you.  And you don’t need to be a citizen of one of the EU states. Are you already employed in your country? Than you don’t have to be employed in Slovenian company. So, if you don’t plan to stay in Slovenia for more than three months in a calendar year, you can appoint yourself as a director of the company. As a director, you can apply for the short-term work. Because this applicationis is possible for up to three months in a calendar year. But you can also choose to be employed in Slovenia.

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Company director and owner – what documents do you need for opening?

The director and owner must have Slovenian tax numbers. Even before registering the company. For that a copy of the passport will be required. And also your permanent residence. You can also reserve a future company name. Also, don’t forget that your company must have a business address. You will also need a statement from the owner of the business address. Choose DATA as your partner. And we will offer you business address at our premises. The process of registering a company at our VEM point is quick. And free of charge. The director and owner will have to sign the documents. But we will arrange everything for you.

Are you interested? The adviser at DATA will carry out the registration procedure. The adviser will fill out all the documents. Need more information? Call us, because we can help!

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How can we help?

DATA can help you open company. Because we are authorized by the government. We can register companies. And our advisors can offer you full support. Director and owner will have to be present. But not allways. Because we can also arrange the process by power of attorney. At notary office. What else? Our accountants can offer bookkeeping, tax and financial services. Data has 45 experts from different fields. So we can offer you advice on taxation and legislation. We also have lawyers at DATA. So they will prepare contracts for you in accordance with Slovenian legislation. We will be with you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate. And decide today!

Interested in becoming director and owner of Slovenian company? To start business in EU? Interested in registering a company? Or perhaps you need a legal advice? So, send us an inquiry to e-mail or call us on phone number +386 1 6001 530. Don’t hesitate! We also suggest to visit our Facebook.

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