CEMT permit validity is extended in Slovenia!

CEMT permit validity is extended in Slovenia!

CEMT permit validity is extended! This is important information for all transport companies in Slovenia, read more on this topic.

We have already written about new regulations regarding driving time of drivers, as well as the validity of permits due to the situation in the country, on our website. Now, changes apply for CEMT permits as well.

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Extenstion of validity of CEMT permits

Due to the current situation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the validity of CEMT permits proving compliance with the technical and safety requirements for motor vehicles and trailers will be prolonged. These permits are used in the multilateral system of quotas of CEMT certificates. The validity for permits that expire after March 12th 2020 will be prolonged. The permits are valid until June 30th 2020.

Due to the current situation and the fact that certain administrative procedures are not possible, transport companies were unable to replace the permits. For this reason, they may conclude transports with invalid licenses. For this reason, the authorities call for tolerance and to allow drivers to complete their routes without penalties.

Both provisional measures regarding CEMT permits apply to both Slovenian and foreign transport companies for a limited period of time, from 1st April 2020 to 30th June 2020.

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