Transport companies – regulatory changes in Slovenia due to coronavirus!

Transport companies, there has been a change in regulations in Slovenia due to coronavirus!

Transport companies, new regulations regarding the driving time and break of drivers, as well as the validity of permits are in place due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Slovenia. In this article, we are presenting the new measures for transport companies.

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Changes regarding driving time and rest

In the period from 16.03.2020 until 14.04.2020 the following changes for domestic and international transport apply in the Republic of Slovenia:

  1. The maximum daily driving time extends to 11 hours (previously 9 hours).
  2. The maximum weekly driving time shall extends to 60 hours (previously 56 hours).
  3. Maximum permitted total driving time for any two consecutive weeks shall  extends to 96 hours (previously 90 hours).
  4. A continuous break of at least 45 minutes should occur after 5.5 hours (previously 4.5 hours).
  5. Regular daily rest for transport drivers reduces to 9 hours (previously 11 hours).
  6. Regular weekly rest period: after six 24-hour periods (previously at the latest at the end of six 24-hour periods from the end of the previous weekly rest period)

Extension of validity of vehicle registration

Due to the coronavirus, the temporary legislation forbids to carry out technical inspections and other procedures in Slovenia regarding the registration of motor vehicles and work in tachograph workshops.

The ban is valid until 16th April 2020.

Vehicle registrations, including vehicle insurance expiring at the time of the prohibition, extends until 16th May 2020.

Transport companies in Slovenia: Traffic is not interrupted

Freight traffic at Slovenian borders with neighboring countries is not interrupted. We advise that the drivers carry with them all the relevant business certificates when entering another country. We also advise that you have all the necessary documentation arranged in accordance with Slovenian legislation for transport companies.


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