Set up a company easily with us at Data!

 Set up a company easily with us at Data!

Set up a company easily with us at Data in just few steps!

Set up a company easily with us at Data – fast and efficiently. Have you always considered starting your own business? And you’re not quite sure how to do that? Don’t worry! That is why we are here for you! We are a company that has been helping future and existing entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial path for more than 30 years!

For additional information, we are available at the telephone number 00386 030 640 995 (Viber/WhatsApp) . Our experts at Data will give you support in the business registration process. In this way you will also get all the answers. And you can also start in just few steps!

Start your own business in Slovenia now!

Type of company that most often people decide to open

Most often people decide to open ltd company in Slovenia. Before you open a business, it is good to know the differences between types of companies in Slovenia. However, if you are still in a dilemma how to set up a company easily with us at Data , we have also experienced business consultants who will be able to answer all the questions you have before starting a company! You can order an appointment for paid individual counseling on 00386 030 640 995 (Viber/WhatsApp) or write to us at 

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The company also needs a tax and legal advisor!

Our comprehensive support to companies is also provided by tax and legal advisers. It is very important that you know the tax and legal aspects of running a business before setting up a business. Tax consulting is an important part of a business. Our legal advisers have extensive experience in the field of entrepreneurship. They especially specialize in labor, contract and commercial law! Do not wait! Set up a company easily with us at Data!

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An accountant is also an important part of a company

Before you decide to start a company , it is highly recommended that you also find a good accountant. In any case, it is almost imperative that you find an accountant before actually starting a business. Our company Data can also help you with this! We have had a quality accounting service in our company for more than 30 years. 

Are you also ready to set up a company easily with us at Data? Our consultants in Data will offer you full support. You have an idea? But you do not also know how to realize it? Don’t wait!

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Foreigners you can also set up a company easily with us at Data!

In our company we also offer services for foreigners! We help them set up companies in Slovenia. We also advise on the procedures for residence and employment in Slovenia and assist in the process of obtaining documentation for obtaining permits.

Do you also more answers? Then, you can also apply for our free webinar on company registration! In this way you can also learn more.

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Why to choose Data ? 

Do you plan to set up a company easily with us at Data? Contact DATA for support! Our experts will be happy to help you. Send us an email to We advice you to also visit our Facebook  and Instagram. You can also sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.


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