Various company types foreigners can establish in Slovenia

Various company types foreigners can establish in Slovenia

Slovenia is becoming an increasingly interesting country for foreigners to expand their business to. Because it is within the European Union and the Schengen zone, it is a popular destination for those who want to register their company and start their business in Europe. There are various possibilities for company registration for newcomers as well as seasoned entrepreneurs.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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What possibilities do seasoned entrepreneurs have when it comes to company registration in Slovenia?

Foreigners, who already have existing companies abroad and are looking to expand their business and enter the European market, can establish a subsidiary or a branch office in Slovenia.

In both cases, the owner of the entity is the foreign company. In case of a subsidiary, this will still be an independent LTD company that requires 7.500€ founding capital for registration. A branch office, however, is a part of the parent company and cannot exist without it. It is also financially dependent on the parent company. This is also the reason for the branch not requiring share capital for registration.

A branch can only register those business activities that the parent company also has. Because of this it is mostly used for marketing purposes as well as launching an existing product or service to a new market.

Subsidiaries can offer additional services than just those that the parent company offers. The owner of the subsidiary is the foreign legal entity that can partake in the subsidiary’s profit.

What if you are a newcomer and do not have existing business abroad?

It is no problem if you do not have a business abroad – you can still partake in the Slovenian and European market. In this case, you would register an LTD company as a natural person. It would mean that you personally would be the owner. More people can be shareholders within one LTD and each provides a part of the share capital. The same as with the subsidiary, the new LTD requires 7.500€ share capital for company registration.

All three company types provide you with the same possibility to become a part of the Slovenian market and offer your services throughout Europe.

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