Regulated business activities of a company in Slovenia

Regulated business activities of a company in Slovenia

When registering a company, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is to choose your companies business activities. It is important to know if the chosen business activities fall under regulated business activities. The experts at company DATA will assist you to see, if you will be doing regulated business activities.

Business activities of a company in Slovenia

Registration of the company’s activities occurs at the same time as the registration of the company. All activities, which a company is allowed to register, are gathered at the Standard Qualification (SKD 2008). It is a complex document, which might not be easy to understand. This is why the experts at the company Data can assist you to carefully select the appropriate business activity for your field of work. The consultants also warn you if you would require fulfilling certain conditions when carrying out the business activity.

Unregulated business activities of a company in Slovenia

Certain business activities are not regulated with special law or other regulations. This means that anyone can carry them out without having to fulfill any additional conditions.

Regulated business activities of a company in Slovenia

An entrepreneur can carry out regulated business activities only if the company fulfills certain conditions, set by the legislation or other regulations. You can register the regulated business activities within your set of business activities at any time. He can do so when making the company registration or add them to his business activities later. You can do both company registration and adding business activities at our One-Stop Shop free of charge. It is only vital that the company does not do the business activity and issues invoices to clients until it meets the conditions, which a certain regulated business activities requires.

A regulated business activity usually require a certain level or type of education. It can also require specific permits or enroll to registers of national institutions. In some cases, they require a special space to carry out the business activity or need the right equipment to fulfill the conditions.

Carrying out the business activity can also be subjected to licenses, concession or certificates and the requirements can apply both to the company as well as to the operator of the business activity – the employee. Some activities also require for them to be the only registered business activity of the company. These activities include business activity of a law firm and insurance business activities. Some regulated business activities also require registration in specific company types, like Joint Stock Company.

Craft business activities

A special series within regulated business activities of the company are craft business activities. The Regulation of Craft Business Activity determines these activities. In order to carry out such an activity, the company would need a craft license. In order to obtain it, the worker would require education connected to the activity.

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