Coffee shop is a great idea for your business!

Coffee shop is a great idea for your business in Slovenia, Europe

Coffee shop is a great idea for your business!

As many people around the world, people in Slovenia also enjoy drinking coffee. Therefore, the coffee shop idea is not a bad idea for the development of your own business in Slovenia. The tradition of drinking coffee in Slovenia is very strong!

Coffee shop as a business idea – a large number of costumers

Slovenia is located in the heart of Europe and is becoming more and more popular among tourists. The country is small, but it has almost everything a person could want. In the north there are the Alps, where you can go hiking or walking around mountain lakes. In the south is the seaside where you can swim and sunbathe. And in the east there are several worldwide known thermal springs and different spa centers and much more! And everywhere you can have a good rest and relax with beautiful views of nature – and, of course, drink delicious coffee!

Coffee shop as a business idea in Slovenia – business conditions

To conduct good business in catering services in Slovenia, you must first register a company, including the registration of the appropriate activities. Without this, the coffee shop cannot accept guests and conduct activities. Activities for this type of business can be found under the code 56.103 »Confectionery’s shop and a coffee shop«. When registering any type of company in the register, you must enter one main (primary), as well as side (secondary) activities that your company will be engaged in. If you are not sure what activities you need to choose in the register for your company, our specialists will be happy to help you and together with them you will find the right choice of activity for your company!

A coffee shop in Slovenia – to conduct this type of activity, you do not need licenses or any other permits. In addition, this type of business is not included in the set of activities for which it is necessary to obtain the permission of the Chamber of Crafts, on the contrary – you do not need to have an appropriate education.

Coffee shop as a business idea in Slovenia – HACCP system

Since the coffee shop is part of the public catering sector and such premises are very strictly monitored for hygiene, the owner-entrepreneur must prepare, observe and define the principles of the HACCP system. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the minimum technical and hygienic standards of the premises. Also, in the conduct of such activities, it is necessary to monitor restrictions on the sale of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

To open a coffee shop, you must first make the registration of a Food Business Establishment. This is in line with EU standards for food hygiene. An entrepreneur must apply for it no later than 15 days before you start food operations. In other words, there is a preventive system that allows you to identify, evaluate and control possible risk factors in foods that can endanger human health.

Coffee shop as a business idea in Slovenia – contact Data company

The Data company provides you with full support for the services when you register a company, if you need guidance. Firstly, we can help you with obtaining the necessary documents for company registration. Secondly, in our office “All in One Place” (VEM / SPOT) you can register the company for free. Thirdly, our legal department can also help you understand what needs to be done to carry out different activities in accordance with the legislation of Slovenia.

If you need a business address in Slovenia, we can offer services of virtual office in Slovenia.

We can also offer you accountancy services and tax consultation. Our legal department can help you to understand the Slovenian legislation. They can also draft contracts for your company.

Contact us!

Coffee shop as a business idea in Slovenia – to learn more, contact us! If you are planning to establish a company in Slovenia, contact us we can help you! Write us a letter to the address: You can also contact us by calling 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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