Choice of investment – business immigration to Slovenia

Choice of investment - business immigration to Slovenia

Have you been considering starting your business in Europe but are still deciding on a country through which you would enter the European market? In that case, consider opening a company in Slovenia. Because in addition to offering stable economic conditions for business conduct, it also offer a very straightforward option to start business immigration. Within the company you have established, you have a choice of doing an investment. This will enable you the possibility of business immigration to Slovenia, EU.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Rely on the support of Data d.o.o. in the process of business immigration to Slovenia

Foreigners usually do not want to engage in such an important venture alone. If you require assistance in the processes of company registration as well as business immigration to Slovenia, EU, Data can offer support from A to Z. Our legal department can help you to evaluate the choice of business immigration through investment or through fulfilling other terms of active business conduct. The accountants at Data d.o.o. will make sure that your company’s books are kept in order with Slovenian accountancy standards. We also provide services of tax consultancy and virtual office.

How do you become eligible for business immigration to Slovenia, EU?

Business immigration is a term for when a foreigner plans to relocate to another country in order to oversee the business. Hence, business immigration to Europe can begin with starting a business in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company with 7500€ founding capital. The process to open a company is very straightforward. You only need a Slovenian tax number, business address in Slovenia, valid passports and 7500€ founding capital.

After company registration you can proceed to evaluating the choices you have for business immigration. A company in Slovenia cannot automatically start employing foreigners after registration – it has to fulfill specific conditions. One choice is also making an investment to the company’s fixed assets.

Choice of investment for business immigration to Slovenia, EU through your company

If you have decided to start business immigration to Slovenia by making an investment to your company’s fixed assets, the first step is to look through the choices you have for investment. It is important that you make the investment in the amount of 50.000€ or more. Additionally, you would need to make this investment within the first 6 months from company registration.

The choice of investment depends on your company’s business activity. Not all items you can purchased are valid for investment to fixed assets. For example, the choice of buying residential property as a fixed asset is valid if you have registered business activities connected to long-term or short-term rent. If you have a transportation company, the choice of investment can also be buying trucks. In cases of IT companies, the investment can be purchasing computers, servers and other equipment. Purchasing an office or other types of commercial property is considered a fixed asset for most business activities.

What about the other choices for business immigration to Slovenia?

If the choice of making an investment does not appeal to you, you also have other options of obtaining work and residence permit through the company you have established.

In addition to investment of 50.000€, you can choose one from these two options to prove active business conduct:

  • employing an EU citizen for a period of at least 6 months for full-time and pay him monthly salary,
  • or showing company turnover at least 10.000€/month for 6 consecutive months.

Your company would only have to fulfill one conditions to have rights for business immigration to Slovenia, EU.

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