Government approves first round of economic measures for Slovenia

Government approves first round of economic measures

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, business in Slovenia has also been affected by the preventative measures in order to contain the spread. But the government of Slovenia has been working hard to prepare the necessary measures to prevent major economic damage for entrepreneurs in Slovenia. Today, the government accepted the first round of measures to support the economy with accepting the intervention act to help Slovenian companies during this time.

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What are the measures that the government accepted with the intervention act?

The government of Slovenia covered several fields of economic support to entrepreneurs who suffer effects of the outbreak of coronavirus. We are summarising the important measures that they it includes.

Subsidising the salary compensation for employees whose employment is waitlisted

The government will support entrepreneurs who have had to put at least 30% employees on waitlist because they cannot ensure enough work for them. During this time the employees are entitled to 80% of salary compensation (their average salary during the last 3 months). The government will cover 40% of that salary compensation, while the employer covers the remaining 60%. In case the employee has to stay at home due to quarantine, the government covers the entire amount of the salary compensation.

All companies who will apply for this measure, cannot have previous tax debt or violations of labor legislation. They also cannot be in the insolvency proceedings.

Deferment of payment for social contributions for sole proprietors

The government will also support sole proprietors in this time. They can defer the payment of social contributions for April, May and June 2020. They have to cover these payments no later than 31st March 2022.

Repurposing the budget of the government

They have also accepted that due to the extraordinary circumstances the government will have authorization to repurpose the national budget for any necessary expenses, like purchasing medical equipment.

Deferment of payment for loans

The government also accepted that those who have acquired bank loans but cannot make payments due to the reasons caused by the virus, can submit an application with their bank to defer the loan payments for 1 year.

Companies that had to cease with the business activity due to the government’s directive to close all non-essential stores can submit the application to their bank and the bank will be obligated to approve the request. The deferment will be possible even up to 18 months after the end of the epidemic.

Food supply

The government also included the possibility to limit trading of food products. It could even range to prevent export or import as well as regulate the prices. They have not yet included the actual limitation but only provided the basis for it, should it be necessary in the progression of the epidemic. This will enable Slovenia to provide sufficient resources to its residents.

Judicial and administrative matters

The government also suggested the temporary halt of deadlines for judicial and administrative matters.

Data d.o.o. and our legal team can support entrepreneurs in taking advantage of these measures from the government!

Our legal department will make sure that you are updated on all current developments and tax reliefs. They can also assist you in consulting which of the measures from the government are the most beneficial for you. Additionally, we can prepare all necessary documentation for enforcing these measures within your company.

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