Measures for catering and tourism businesses in Slovenia

Measures for catering and tourism businesses in Slovenia

As the coronavirus outbreak is now an international pandemic, the adverse effects of it already entered our daily life. Entrepreneurs offering catering, food related services and services relating to tourism. But if you plan on starting a business in Slovenia or already have a company in Slovenia, you can rest assured that the government is taking the appropriate measures to protect entrepreneurs in the most vulnerable business activities.

Data d.o.o. has been offering support to entrepreneurs who started business in Europe through company registration. Additionally, we provide accounting services and tax consultation. We also have a professional legal department in-house who will support you in taking advantage for the appropriate measures for you during this testing time.

Legal options that entrepreneurs in catering business activity can take advantage of

During times of extraordinary crisis, entrepreneurs providing catering and similar food-related services (like restaurants)  can order employees to be waitlisted or reassigning the employee to another job position. The Labor Relations act (ZDR-1) allows the employer to waitlist an employee as a measure to maintain the employment relation. The other possibility is that the employer reassigns the employee to another job position. This measure has to be enforced in written form and can last no longer than 6 months in an individual calendar year.

This measure can be enforced even in electronic form. It has to determine the form of future return to work and the required deadline of the employee’s return.

The law also allows several shorter waitlist periods, which cannot surpass the 6-month limit. While waiting for work, an employee has to receive training in accordance with Article 170 of the ZDR-1 Act. Additionally, they have to receive reimbursement of work-related expenses in accordance with Article 130 of this Act.

The employer can also reassign the employee on another job position in order to ensure the undisturbed work process. The decree has to be in written form. Also, it has to ensure that it is in accordance with the law or collective agreement. This is possible only for an increased increased workload on another job position or a decreased workload in the current job position. The employee has to fulfill the conditions of education, worktime and location of the business conduct.

This measure is only possible for 3 months in a calendar year. The employee has to receive the same salary as he/she would in their current job position, if that salary amount is more favorable for them.

Slovenia has announced digital promotion of the country as a measure to decrease the adverse effects

This governmental measure will also assure a new surge in tourism. Hence, the entrepreneurs engaged in catering and hospitality can take advantage of this measure. The height of the tourist season will only come in two to three months and promotion in this time will be a key factor in the resurgence of this business fields.

The Slovenian tourist organization  (STO) published the change of two tenders for co-financing to support the promotional activities of Slovenian tourist agencies and other companies and the leading destination with an additional opportunity to carry out activities on the domestic market. The organization will extensively promote in the other part of the calendar year. They also promised additional promotional activities on domestic markets as well.

Slovenia is making sure to accept measures to protect the economy for all Slovenian companies even in these testing times. Along with it, Data d.o.o. can offer full support in your business conduct. We will make sure that you as an entrepreneur receive full protection.  For more information on company registration in Slovenia, EU, you can write to our email [email protected]. You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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