Selling ice cream – business opportunity in Slovenia – EU

Selling ice cream: business opportunity in Slovenia, EU

Selling ice cream, especially in warmer months, could be very good business idea because of higher demand for commodity. You can offer ice cream in restaurants and bars, while also selling selling ice cream on the street is popular as well. What are the conditions for this? Can any entrepreneur, who register catering activity, locate the production and start selling ice cream?

Production of ice cream in an own restaurant

An entrepreneur who has established a company with us – already before registration will be introduced with a minimum conditions. For establishment  of company and conditions for selling ice cream. Registration of restaurant, where you want to sell ice cream. Our legal advisor will explain details and informations. Legislation for selling ice cream – food is complex. These are the regulations on minimum technical conditions. Also the minimum level of services for catering catering establishments offering hot and/or cold snacks, hot and cold dishes, desserts and confectionery. To prepare them, they must have a kitchen or a suitable place to prepare their meals.

Business activity – selling ice cream in Slovenia

In the restaurant, the entrepreneur can also make his own ice cream. However, it has to register the activity 10.520 – production of ice cream you can register as an LTD company in your own  restaurant, a pension, a restaurant, or as a coffee shop and a pastry shop that performs the activity.

Data – how can we help to realize your business idea of selling ice cream?

If you have an idea, and you want to register a company in Slovenia in order to implement activities in the field of food production, we will be happy to answer your questions to help you make an important step in my life and to advise on all matters of registration of legal persons in Slovenia and our lawyers will provide you with support and advice in the preparation of the necessary documents and permits to conduct activities in the field of food production.

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