4 top advice to run a business in Slovenia, Europe

Top advice for running a business in Slovenia

4 top advice to run a business in Slovenia

Are you thinking to run a business in Slovenia, Europe? If yes, we recommend you to read the following article and find out about 4 top advice to run a business in Slovenia.

1.) Register your company with business professionals in Slovenia

Firstly, if you want to run a business in Slovenia and you are not familiar with Slovenian legislation, we recommend you to find help.

Our company Data, located in Ljubljana, offer full support to foreigners who want to run a business in Slovenia. In one company we have business professionals, legal advisors, tax advisors, accountants, immigration experts, etc. With us, your can be sure, that you will do everything the right way.

At our offices you can also register a company for free! Our business experts Will help you with choosing business activities and can also obtain the documentation for registration in advance. In order to run a business in Slovenia and register a company, you need Slovenian tax number and the certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia.

2.) Choose the right accounting for your company in Slovenia

Secondly, every company has to have an accountant. As mentioned, at Data we have 4 accounting groups, who are working with local and foreign entrepreneurs. They will explain you everything about accounting in Slovenia, taxes, salaries and so on. At Data we also have tax advisors, who will answer to all your additional questions.

Read more about our accounting at Data!

3.) Get legal support!

It is very important for you to get legal support, if you are not familiar with Slovenian legislation. Our legal advisors will be with you all the time and help you wih all legal matters.

If you will decide to employ someone or yourself in your company, they will prepare the employment contract for you that has to be in Slovenian language.

Meet our legal advisors at Data!

4.) Want to move to Slovenia? Learn about the conditions that you have to meet!

If you are thinking to run a business in Slovenia, you are also maybe thinking about moving to Slovenia. If you are an EU citizen, you can employ yourself in your company right away. There are no special conditions that you would have to meet.

If you are not an EU citizen, you will have to obtain work and residence permit first. That is why at Data we also have experts on this field. They will explain you in details the conditions that you and the company have to meet and they will also support you in the procedure of obtaining permit. Our experts will be authorized and will communicate with the institutions which will issue the permit.

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