Business activities most often registered by foreign entrepreneurs in Slovenia

Business activities in Slovenia

Business activities in Slovenia

Foreign citizens who are interested in starting a business in Slovenia, are usually wondering which business activities are most popular in Slovenia. As every entrepreneur wants his business to run smoothly, it is good to obtain information about possibilities in Slovenia. Which business activities are most often registered in Slovenia? If you are wondering as well, keep reading the article.

Renting and operating of own or leased real estate

Most often foreign citizens decide to register business activities related with renting real estate in Slovenia. If you are thinking about moving to Slovenia, you Will most likely buy a property for yourself. When you Will be out of state, you can rent it. Buying a real estate can also help you in the procedure of obtaining work and residence permit in Slovenia.

More about work and residence permit in Slovenia.

Tourism business activities

The number of tourists in Slovenia is raising every year and Slovenia became a very attractive tourist destination in Europe. Therefore starting a tourism business activities in Slovenia is a great idea!

The touristic business activity and tourism in Slovenia involve obtaining a license if you are planning to conduct the following business activities:

  • Travel agency (sale of travel arrangements, tours, organization of transport to the destination and to the accommodation).
  • Organization (organization and preparation of tours).
  • Booking and other related services (booking of transport, accommodation, meals, rental vehicles, attendance of sporting and cultural events, ticket sales for several events, help for tourists and attendees, providing information to tourists, business activity of a guide, tourist promotion).

Computer programming business activities

Computer programming and IT services have been gaining momentum with each year in Slovenia as well as throughout the rest of Europe.

You can register these types of business activities:

  • Activities in the field of computer programming: writing, modifying, updating and testing software, including the planning and development of computer programs, website development.
  • Consulting services in the field of computers and software: designing computer systems, software and communication technologies, training users of these systems.
  • Computer science and management: management and operation of computer systems and data processing devices, as well as related services.

Business activities of physical well-being

Furthermore, Spa center/massage salon in Slovenia can be a positive and profitable business venture. Nowdays people do not go to Spa center only over the weekend. More and more cities are opening spa centers and clients are visiting them on daily basis. In addition, more people go to a Spa center to rest and to have a break from everyday life and concern.

In accordance with the Slovenian Classification of Activities (SKD), we propose that you register the main activity of Body Care Services (96.040). There are no conditions for performing this activity.

Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods

If you are interested in import and export in Slovenia, one of the business activities that you Will have to register is: Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods.

Slovenia imports the following products in the descending order: packaged pharmaceuticals, cars, packaged pharmaceuticals, auto parts, and natural gas

A lot of our clients are also exporting clothes and different types of textile. More information about exporting clothes and different types of textile.

Mostly, Slovenia exports products to Germany, then Italy, Austria, Croatia, France. It also imports mostly from Germany, Italy, Austria, China and Croatia.

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