Touristic business activity and tourism in Slovenia

Touristic business activity and tourism in Slovenia

Touristic business activity and tourism in Slovenia is experiencing incredible growth in recent years.

The number of tourists from all over the world is growing every year and the flow of tourists is quite dense, depending on the time of the year. If you are looking for a business idea in Slovenia, you can turn your focus to activities, connected to tourism.

Open a company for touristic business activity and tourism in Slovenia

In Slovenia, you can register your tourist company as a private limited company (LTD), or if you are planning to expand your already existing business, you can register a subsidiary in Slovenia (also LTD) or open a branch office.

The touristic business activity and tourism in Slovenia involve obtaining a license if you are planning to conduct the following business activities:

  • Travel agency (sale of travel arrangements, tours, organization of transport to the destination and to the accommodation – for individuals and legal entities)
  • Organization of travels (organization and preparation of tours)
  • Booking and other related services (booking of transport, accommodation, meals, rental vehicles, attendance of sporting and cultural events, ticket sales for several events, help for tourists and attendees, providing information to tourists, business activity of a guide, tourist promotion)

The aforementioned business activities are regulated by the Law on Promotion of Tourism (Zakon o spodbujanju razvoja turizma). In order to obtain the license, the main condition is the presence of the appropriate education and three years of work experience in the given field (if you do not have the appropriate experience, you have to have work experience in the field of selling travel arrangements at least 6 years). If no one from the founders and directors of the company does not fulfill the given conditions, you will have to employ someone with the appropriate education and work experience in order to obtain the license. The other condition that needs to be fulfilled in order to obtain the license is the business space, which has to abide by all technical specifications and norms.

If you will be performing other tourist activities that are not mentioned above, it is possible that you will not need to obtain licenses or permits in order to conduct business.

The company DATA gladly helps their clients in the process of company registration, as well as with bureaucratic questions when obtaining the license. Experienced business consultants and lawyers will gladly help you to obtain different licenses and permits in Slovenia. Do not rack your brain with the question of opening a travel company in Slovenia, just come to the company DATA and we will gladly help you.

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