Residence permit in Slovenia for you and your family

Residence permit in Slovenia, EU

Are you interested in residence permit in Slovenia for you and your family? Or you would like to have a residence permit in Europe, and you can not select from a number of European countries? Business immigration is a serious step that requires deliberate informed decision. It is doubly difficult to make this decision, if it is not only about you but about your family. Everyone wants to find the perfect option for your business and family. That option is Slovenia.

Why Slovenia?

From the perspective of business Slovenia is a favorable country, system of legislation is loyal to the opening of the new companies, and to obtain a residence permit is not necessary to employ a citizen of Slovenia, it is also not a problem if you are at the same time a founder, a sole director and the employee  in your company.

From the perspective of business immigration with family should be noted that Slovenia is a great place for your children, the presence of game zones, high-quality and free education for your children, clean environment, safety, pleasant climate, free medical care, social security. In Slovenia everything is an hour away, and the sea, and mountains, and the thermal and ski resorts, lake. The difference of this country in its compactness, it has everything, and you do not need to pass hundreds of kilometers.

If you want a residence permit in Slovenia for you and your family in a European country, choose Slovenia, a country where it will be pleasant to live, not only for you but also your family.

Company Data, in turn, will take care of all the bureaucratic issues and arrange for you all the documents, advise you in any strange situation. We accompany the whole process of business immigration, from the registration and supporting of your business to a crossing your family and prolongation of residence permit in Slovenia.

Select a bright future for you and your children! Contact us now!

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