Online shop – start selling from Slovenia – EU

Online shop: start selling from Slovenia, Europe

Online shop is a great opportunity to enter a big market for entrepreneur, who will be engaged in selling products or services. Moreover the latest research from 2017 shows more and more consumers in the EU order services and goods through online store. Since demand and confidence in commerce in internet shops in EU countries has increased. We will show some interesting statistics and explain how complex is it to perform business through online shop in Slovenia-EU.

Registration of the company is the first step

The first step to opening an online store is to open a company. In most cases, this will be LTD. Everyone has the right to open a company in Slovenia. Contact us, we will support you and help in the process of registering of your company, since we have license for company registrations. Moreover, a legal advisor in our company will help you with any questions dealing to legislation in Slovenia.

Online shop – how often do consumers trust in buying online?

For ten years, the proportion of Europeans who make online purchases has increased almost twice. Exactly, from 29.7 percent in 2007 to 55 percent in 2017.

Significant progress has been made, but on the other hand, European consumers still face obstacles. Especially when they try to buy from a seller based in another EU country. If you want to work with your customers without difficulty, we recommend you to introduce yourself with the rules for the online shop.

Opening online shop in Slovenia – what does legislation in that field says?

Our lawyers note that entrepreneurs who decide to create an online store, apart from technical issues, face questions from the legal point of view.

The online shop has a special status within the legal order of the EU. Each online store should also, in addition to the general laws of trade – the Law of Trade – also correspond to certain rules on distance trading.

According to our legal service is at least 14 laws that the businessmen should adhere to. You can talk about this personally with a lawyer in our company. In DATA where you get all the information you need.

Legal support is crucial if you open an online shop!

Because of the diversity of the rules that are binding on entrepreneurs who decide to penetrate the market through the Internet. We recommend  to consulate with a professional from that field.

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