Establishment of a branch office in Slovenia

Establishment of a branch office in Slovenia

Establishment of a branch office in Slovenia/EU

Establishment of a branch office in Slovenia is fast and simple. A branch may be established by a domestic or foreign legal entity. There is no share capital. A foreign company may carry out a gainful activity in Slovenia if it has a branch registered here. Or establishes a completely new company.

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What is a branch?

Both domestic and foreign legal entities may establish a branch in the territory of  Slovenia. The branch is separated from the parent company by the fact that it does not have the status of a legal entity. But can perform all operations performed by the parent company. But in a locally separate area. The branch is completely dependent on the parent company. This means that the latter is responsible for all liabilities from the operation of the branch. And in addition, its establishment does not require founding (share) capital. Since a branch cannot exist independently, the dissolution of the parent company also means the dissolution of the branch.

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Name of a branch office

The branch acts in the name and on behalf of a foreign company. In doing so, it has to use the name of the parent company, its office, and its own name. Branches are not legal entities but can carry out all transactions that the parent company may otherwise carry out. Branches may also be established by foreign associations. When a branch of a foreign association registers in the Slovenian register, it may start operating by acting in the name and on behalf of the foreign association. It must use the name of the foreign association and its own name in its operations. And the foreign association is fully responsible for its operations. For a branch to be valid in the Republic of Slovenia, it must be entered in the court register. Notwithstanding that it is not a legal entity.

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How to establish a branch office in Slovenia?

Many foreign companies wishing to carry out a gainful activity in Slovenia usually set up a branch for this purpose.  What is the procedure? What is next step? Which documents do you need to register the branch office?

To register the branch office, you would need to present the following documents from the parent company:

  • act of establishment of the parent company,
  • extract from the business registry that is not older than 3 months,
  • financial statement for the previous business year
  • verified statement for the business address in Slovenia.

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