Prices of apartments and houses in Slovenia

Prices of apartments and houses in Slovenia

Prices of real estates in Slovenia – investment opportunities

Prices of apartments and houses in Slovenia real estate is one of the most lucrative business in Slovenia. It is good to know, there are many construction projects going on at the moment and demand is higher than the supply. This is a great opportunity for investment. Most foreigners who come from countries outside of the EU can not buy a real estate in Slovenia. There is one exception, though. Everyone can invest in a real estate in Slovenia if they open a local company.

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Buying a real estate in Slovenia

Slovenia is a small but beautiful country  located in the central Europe. In 2016 and 2021 its capital Ljubljana was awarded 1. place in the list of European Best Green Capitals.  As such, it has caught the attention of tourists and businesses from all over the world. Slovenia can be a great place to open a company and do whatever you are skilled at. Besides that, investment in residential real estate  is a great opportunity. You can rent apartments and houses for students, tourists or business. If you opt for LTD company you can do both.


So, what about prices? Well, keep reading.

Prices of apartments and houses in Slovenia – Ljubljana

Countries capital Ljubljana is the most interesting location for real estate investors in Slovenia. It has the greatest number of business opportunities and job vacancies and a developed tourism. Thanks to all that, it has a high rate of shortterm rental housing. Airbnb or lease of privately owned accommodations are the most common forms of housing. According to latest information available prices of apartments In Ljubljana range mostly from 2.800,00 euro to 3.700,00 euro per square meter. Prices of houses in the capital and surroundings range from 190.000,00 euro to 400.000, euro.

What about other locations?

Second most interesting location for real estate investment in Slovenia is Slovenian coust which has great touristic potential. Its main town Koper is also an international port. According to the latest information the prices of apartments on the coast mostly range from 2.300,00 euro to 3.100,00 euro per squer meter. If house is what you are looking for, most common price range is from 170.000,00 euro to 370.000,00 euro.

Regarding cheaper options in Slovenian bigger towns, the avarage price of apartments in towns such as Celje and Maribor is below Slovenian avarage. Both towns are located in the east part of the country and near the Austrian border. The appartment prices range from 1350,00 euro to 1800,00 euro per squer meter. In case you prefer to buy a house, the prices mostly range from 110.000,00 euro to 195.000,00 euro.


Prices of apartments and houses in Slovenia – leases

In this area there is a great demand for longterm and shortterm leases. Because of that, lease prices have increased by 5-10% compared to previous years. At the moment, leas prices range around10 per square meter. For instance, renting a onebedroom apartment in Ljubljana can cost 380 to 600 euros per month. In the last few years, there have been fewer longterm leases. Airbnb and are the most popular options. Bear in mind that 38% of the total real estate lease takes place in Ljubljana. In addition, there is a greater demand for rental real estate in areas that employ more workers. For instance, Novo mesto is that kind of location.

Appartments in locations  near larger companies such as Revoz and CGP are also in high demand.  Coastal regions and locations near Lake Bled have higher rental prices as well.


Prices of apartments and houses in Slovenia and work and residence permit

If you open a company in Slovenia and make an investment in real estate that amounts to at least 50,000 euros you can also apply for work and residence permits. With the investment company will fulfil one of the conditions of active business conduct. When companies make an investment in fixed assets procedures for getting the Single work and residence permits are quicker. Similarly, process of opening a corporate bank account is also easier. However, it is important to know that this is an option only for newly established companies in Slovenia.

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