From registering a company to buying real estate in Slovenia

From registering a company to buying real estate in Slovenia

Steps for buying real estate in Slovenia

Data can help you through the steps from registering a company to buying real estate in Slovenia.

Only a natural person – a citizen of a country from the European Union – can purchase a real estate in Slovenia. This means that if you are not an EU citizen, you can not easily buy real estate in Slovenia. However, there is a solution – company registration.

Here is a more detailed account of the process »from registering a company to buying real estate in Slovenia«. First you register a company in Slovenia, European Union (it offers the opportunity to do business in the EU without any problems and the process takes about 5 days) and then you have the right to obtain a single residence and work permit in Slovenia. This means that you receive the complete set for living and conducting business in Slovenia (in the case this would be one of your wishes).

It is unlikely that you would regret purchasing real estate in Slovenia. Slovenia is a wonderful country, where everything is located literally in an hour’s drive: sea, lakes, mountains, thermal spas, parks, and forests. If you are considering a business immigration to Slovenia, this is the perfect solution.

For more than 28 years, we offer services of registration and business conduct in Slovenia but also support when obtaining a residencey permit in Slovenia.  The advantages of the company Data is that everything is in one place – specialists from different fields, like accountants, attorneys, consultants on migration law, business consultants etc.

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