Open a company in Slovenia and become a tour guide

Open a company in Slovenia and become a tour guide

Due to the popularity of Slovenia, tourism is a blooming business activity. It is a lucrative business sector which is why many locals and foreigners decide to open a tourist agency in Slovenia. Additionally, there is also a high demand for tour guides which is why opening a company and starting a business in Slovenia where you would offer tour guide service can be just what you are looking for.

Opening a company in Slovenia

Starting your business in Europe can begin with company registration in Slovenia. Having a company in Slovenia will give you the possibility to enter the European market. You can open an LTD company with 7.500€ founding capital. To register an LTD, you also need a Slovenian tax number and your company requires a business address. After the registration, you can start fulfilling the conditions to become a tour guide.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Here at Data d.o.o. we can provide full support when it comes to company registration. You can register the company in our office, as we are a licensed VEM point. We also provide professional accountancy services and tax consultation. If your company needs a business address, we can provide services of virtual office. Additionally, we have our own legal department helping you to understand the legislation for offering services of a tour guide.

New regulations for tour guides in Slovenia

The Law on the Promotion of Tourism Development came into force predicts that all people offering services of a tour guide in Slovenia, have to abide by the same conditions. Local and foreign guides have to follow the regulations.

In order to be a tour guide in Slovenia, you would have to:

  • pass an exam to become a tour guide,
  • have at least secondary professional education,
  • have the knowledge of Slovene language as well as any other foreign language at a certain level,
  • enroll into the registry of tour guide registry at the Tourism and Catering Chamber of Slovenia.

When you have fulfilled those conditions and enrolled in the registry, you can start offering services of a tour guide in Slovenia through your company. But if you are a non-EU citizen, you would firstly need to obtain a work and residence permit for Slovenia. For that, your company has to fulfill specific regulations.

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