A short guide on opening a company in Slovenia

A short guide on opening a company in Slovenia

Are you thinking about opening a company in Slovenia and now you have to decide what type of company to open?

A Private Limited Company (LTD), a subsidiary, a branch company or a sole proprietor?

The most common type is the Private Limited Company (LTD). To open a LTD company you need a founding capital in the minimal amount of 7.500 €. After registration, you can use the founding capital to conduct business with your company.

If you have already opened a company and would like to expand your business to the EU, you can open a subsidiary or a branch company. The owner of the subsidiary is the parent company, which means that the founder is a legal person in Slovenia and the founding capital in the minimum amount of 7.500 € is needed as well but can be used for business conduct later on.

If you plan to perform the same activities in Slovenia as the parent company performs in your country, you can open a branch company. A branch company in Slovenia is a sort of business unit of your parent company. It is not a legal form such as an LTD and you can only register the activities that are registered in the parent company. You do not need any founding capital to open a branch company but the parent company is held responsible for the business conduct of the branch company.

The third option is to become a sole proprietor. It is a natural person that performs allowed registered activities under their own name as a basic or additional activity in order to achieve profit. If you are a citizen of a company that is not a member of the European Union and do not have at least one year of residence in Slovenia, you cannot become a sole proprietor. The condition to register a sole proprietor is a work and residency permit based on self-employment but the condition to receive this kind of work permit is one year of uninterrupted residence in Slovenia.

You have decided to open a Private Limited Company, what is your next step?

Open a company (LTD) at a One-Stop-Shop

To open a LTD in Slovenia, a foreign entrepreneur needs a Slovenian tax number and a certificate of non-criminal record of the Republic of Slovenia. The certificate of non-criminal record is needed only for the founders – natural persons.

The documents needed to obtain a Slovenian tax number for a foreign natural person, who is an owner and/or representative of the company:

  • Copy of a passport and information about the address of the permanent residence
  • Confirmation about the tax residency of the country, where the authorized person is a tax payer

After you have received the Slovenian tax number, you can carry out the process of the company name reservation. Bear in mind that your company has to have registered office and a business address – you have to submit a certified statement from the owner of the business address of your company.

The procedure of company reservation itself is free of charge at the One-Stop-Shop.

We can help you through the process of registration

The consultant at the One-Stop-Shop will help you through the process of registration and help you fill out all the documents, the owners and/or representatives will receive for review and signing. In the actual process of opening a LTD, the owners and representatives of the future company have to be present. During the procedure, they have to have their Slovenian tax numbers and company information (name, business address, activities, information about the founders and/or representatives) prepared. Based on all of these information and documents, the business consultant at the One-Stop-Shop prepares the founding act of the company, where it is necessary to list the amount of the founding capital of the company (LTD).

The procedure of opening a company takes about an hour. You can open a bank account of the company on the same day and deposit the founding capital in the amount of 7.500 € – this is the minimal amount of the founding capital necessary to open a LTD in Slovenia. For the purpose of opening a company you need to deliver a confirmation about the deposited amount to the consultant at the One-Stop-Shop. Our consultant then immediately submits the application for the registration of the LTD into the court registry.

The company is founded when you receive the declaration from the court. You receive it to your business address and our consultant at the One-Stop-Shop forwards you the decision about the registration to your e-mail address.

Upon opening a company, would you also like to obtain a work permit in Slovenia?

If you are a citizen of a country, who is not a member of the EU, but would like to work and live in Slovenia and conduct business in the EU, you have to submit a request for a work permit in Slovenia.

Do not think that you receive a work permit automatically by just opening a company. You have to meet certain requirements for employment set by the Law of labor and employment of foreigners in Slovenia.

If your LTD has less than 10 people employed, you have the right to obtain one work permit for a foreign representative (director, procurator) but all the others through the labor market control for the specific job position.

Contact us

Here at Data we offer consulting in all of the phases of business conduct:

  • before opening a company,
  • during the process of registration and
  • after opening the company.

We consult foreigners even before entering the Slovenian market about the most convenient forms of business conduct in Slovenia, the terms of business conduct, the terms of performing a company’s activities and about the best opportunities of working and employment.

We offer legal support in the field of economic, labor and migration law, as well as accounting and tax consultation when the company is already conducting business.

If you have any questions and additional information you can write us on email data@data.si. You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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