Company name in Slovenia – choosing a suitable company name

Company name in Slovenia

If you have decided to open a company in Slovenia, once of the most important decisions you will make is choosing a company name. A good name can have a big effect on the success of your business idea, which is why we will explain the possibilities and restrictions of choosing a company name in Slovenia.

Difference between short name and long name of the company

When registering a company, it is mandatory to choose a long name of the company. The long name for LTD includes the chosen name of the company, the business activity of the company and the abbreviation for LTD in Slovenian (d.o.o.).

The short name of the company is not mandatory. This name of the company does not include the description of the business activity. So, it includes the chosen company name and the abbreviation for LTD in Slovenian (d.o.o.)

Restrictions for choosing a company name in Slovenia

It is important that the company name of your company clearly differs from other company names already registered in Slovenia. Otherwise the court can refuse the company registration or the company, which has a similar name, can demand from you to stop using the that name. To avoid this from happening, it is better to check in advance if the chosen name is already taken or to similar to another existing company name.

Additionally, the name cannot include names and abbreviations of other countries or international organization. Also, you cannot use the word Slovenia or its derivatives without the permission of the Slovenian government. The name of the company can include foreign words and letters – you can use letters X, Y, W and Q . You cannot use the name, last name or pseudonym or a person in the company’s name without his permission. If the person is already deceased, you have to get permission from his next of kin.

Using your company name as a business activity in Slovenia

The company has to use its company name in the form, in which it is registered in the court registry. It can also use the short name when doing business. It is mandatory that the business activity of the company, which is part of the long name, is in Slovene language. You can use a translation of the name of the company to a foreign language only alongside the Slovenian name.

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