Frequently registered business activities for LTD

Registered business activities

Are you considering registering a company in Slovenia but are struggling to choose between the registered business activities? We are presenting you with the most frequently registered business activities, which entrepreneurs registered at our Data One-Stop Shop in the first quarter of 2018.

Frequently registered business activities – process of analysis

We have assessed the registered business activities at our Data One-Stop Shop from 1.1.2018 until 8.5.2018 . Among them, we have analyzed all 79 LTD companies that registered the company in the first quarter of 2018. We have aligned them together according into thematic groups according to Standard qualification of business activities 2008 (SKD 2008).

When registering the LTD company, we list the main registered business activities. But the list of accompanying business activities can be even broader. The entrepreneur usually registers several business activities in addition to the main one. There are no limits as to the number of registered business activities under one company.

The shareholders can add or remove business activities at our One-Stop Shop free of charge. This is possible because we formulate the act of establishment in a manner which allows changing data easily and without additional cost.

Frequently registered business activities for LTD in 2018

When doing this analysis, we have concluded that the most frequently registered business activity in the first quarter was “Transport services”. It was tied also with “Business services” and closely followed by “Construction services” and “Agents involved in sale”. For fifth place, there is a tie bewteen “IT services”, “Online sales” and “Hospitality services”. In the bottom of the top 10,  “Real estate – sale and rent”, “Waste trade and waste handling”, “Food trade”, and “General trade” find its place.

The newcomer in-between the registered business activities of this year are activities connected to cryptocurrency (business activities of cryptocurreny trade and blockchain technology).

Company registration at One-Stop Shop Data

If this article helped you to decide on a business activity, you can come to Data for company registration.

LTD registration requires:

  • All shareholders and directors need to be present at the One-Stop Shop for company registration.
  • All shareholders and directors need a Slovenian tax number.
  • A business address in Slovenia. You would need to bring with you a notarized statement from the owner of the business address.
  • Valid passport.

Data can assist you to obtain Slovenian tax numbers in advance based on the power of attorney. We also provide services of virtual office and business address, if you do not have an address which you would use as your business seat in Slovenia.

In addition we also offer services of accountancy, tax consultation, and immigration consultation. Our legal department can assist you to understand what your registered business activities require in order to be carried out legally.

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