Overview of legislation changes in Slovenia in 2019

Overview of legislation changes in Slovenia in 2019

2019 was quite an eventful year for legislation changes as Slovenia adopted several new law and regulations. If you plan on starting your business in Slovenia in 2020, you can check which changes occurred in the past year in our overview so that you are prepared to conduct your business in Slovenia in accordance to the legislation.

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Overview of legislation changes in Slovenia in 2019

In the beginning of 2019, there was an anticipated 200 new law and regulations. As this is a big amount of changes and we understand that especially foreign entrepreneurs have a hard time following them regularly, we have prepared this overview and will keep on informing you about the novelties ahead.

Overview of legislation changes in the field of labor law

Higher compensation for annual leave

In 25.4.2019, the government accepted amendments to the Law on personal income tax. It stated that the payout of the compensation of the annual leave up to the amount of 100% of the last known average monthly salary is not taxed with contributions for social security and does not fall under personal income tax.

Changes of the legislation for employing citizens of Serbia

This overview also includes the changes to the legislation when employing people from Serbia. From 1.9.2019 an agreement between the Slovenian and Serbian government came into force. This agreement states that it is possible to employ Serbian citizens who are in the registry of the Serbian employment office. The exception are only employees who will be performing professional employment. They have to receive a salary that amount to at least 3 time the Slovenian minimal salary.

Changes in the legislation regarding minimal salary

The amendments of the Law on minimal salary that came into force on 25.12.2018 state that the minimal salary for full-time employment will be 886,63€ gross in 2019, and 940,58€ gross in 2020.

Abolition of the Collective Agreement for Crafts and Entrepreneurship

In the overview, we have also checked the novelties for collective agreements. On 31.12.2018 the validity of the Collective Agreement for Crafts and Entrepreneurship expired. As no new agreement was made, the collective agreement expired and the elements from 19th to 81th article were still used for the next 12 months. This deadline is 31.12.2019 and the essential provisions will only be valid until then.

Changes of the legislation in the field of transportation

Introduction of tachographs

All new vehicles that carry out the activity of transportation of goods or passengers have to install with smart tachographs. This provision is valid since 15th July 2019.

Stricter conditions of transport managers

This overview covers one of the most important changes when it comes to the business activity of transportation. The parliament accepted the amendments to the Law on road transportations on 29th October 2019. The amendment essentially influences the process of obtaining a license for international transport. After this change, the transport manager can provide the services only in once company. If it is an internal transport manager, the company has to employ them for full-time. The only exceptions are for transport managers who also own at least 50% of the company. External transport managers can also only provide their services in one company that does not have more than 5 vehicles.

Overview of legislation changes connected to taxation

The most important change that was implemented is the inclusion of the lowered VAT rate (9,5%) also for electronic publications. Up until now, this vas valid only with physical publications like books, newspapers and magazines.

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