No new agreement foreseen for employment in Slovenia, EU

No new agreement foreseen for employment in Slovenia, EU

Slovenia does not expect any new employment agreements in the forthcoming period. The Ministry of Labor of Slovenia announced that it does not plan new employment agreements for foreign workers in the near future. The new agreements facilitate the employment of third-country workers. In the past, the Republic of Slovenia has signed agreements with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

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Agreement on employment of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The employment of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been possible on the basis of an agreement between the Republic of Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1.3.2013. According to the agreement, the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are registered with the Bureau of Labor as unemployed persons (ARZ – BIH) in their country of origin and who are over 18 years of age, may be employed in the Republic of Slovenia. In addition, an employer in Slovenia must meet the requirements for employment of a foreigner. Additionally, they also have to pay all tax obligations.

New agreement for citizens of Serbia since 1.9. 2019

From September 1st 2019, a new employment agreement for Serbian citizens came into force. According to the agreement, only those citizens of Serbia who are registered at the Bureau of Labor in the registry of unemployed in Serbia will be able to obtain work and residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia. The only exceptions are high-skill workers that employers hire and pay the appropriate salary.

The selection process begins at the initiative of a Slovenian employer. They will announce a vacancy at the Employment Office of the Republic of Slovenia. The Employment office in Serbia will then conduct an interview with the candidate in Serbia.

If there are no suitable Slovene candidates, the Slovenian company will apply for the candidates work permit. For them they must cover all costs of the permit procedure.

It is unlawful for some employers to impose costs on workers, ie to demand reimbursement of costs if the employee has not been employed by a Slovenian employer for a certain period of time.

What about employing staff from other countries?

The Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities said that they do not foresee any new employment agreements for third-country nationals in the near future.

The Ministry is in talks for a similar agreement with Ukraine. However, as explained by an official of the relevant ministry, signing the agreement is a lengthy process that can take several years. They do not foresee any new agreements with Ukraine or any other country for 2019.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS) also said that it is clear that employers are looking for workers from countries that are geographically close to those occupations that are in short supply, and a list of them is being updated by the Employment Service of Slovenia. They seek for workers mainly in manufacturing, tourism, transport, industry and construction. Overseas companies also seek out various technical experts.

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