Opening a branch office in Slovenia, EU

Opening a branch office in Slovenia, Europe

Have you been considering expanding your business to Europe? In that case opening a branch office in Slovenia is a good possibility to be able to market and provide your products in Europe.

What type of company is a branch office?

Opening a branch office entails that you open a new part of your existing company in another country. It is not a separate legal entity but part of the parent company. This also means that the parent company is liable for business conduct of the branch office and has to ensure the branches financing, if the branch itself does not generate sufficient income.

Opening a branch office does not require depositing founding capital as it is not a legal entity. The parent company is required to include the branches financial report in the main financial report of the company.

As the branch is considered to be only a part of the parent company, it can only register the same business activity as the parent company has.

What are the benefits of opening a branch office in Slovenia?

Opening a branch office can give you the opportunity to evolve your existing business in Europe. If you have a successful business abroad this will give you the possibility to present your services or products to a new audience, hence increasing income to your company.

Slovenia has a good position for such market expansion as it is located in the center of Europe. As Slovenia is a member of the EU and Schengen zone, it gives you a great possibility to sell your products or services to many European countries in addition to Slovenia because of easy access to other territories.

As it does not require founding capital for establishment, opening it is not such a big investment as it would only have expenses for establishment and basic operating costs. Should your company and market grow, you can decide to expand additionally by establishing a new company in Slovenia.

What do you need for opening a branch office in Slovenia?

When opening a branch office, you have to provide these documents from the parent company:

  • Financial report for the past business year in short form
  • Extract from the business registry, which is not older than three months
  • Act of establishment from the parent company
  • Information about the parent company bank accounts

All documents need to be dully attested and have a courtly certified translation to Slovene language.

In addition to these documents, you would also need to submit:

  • A decree from the parent company about opening the branch office
  • Consent from the branch representative that he agrees to become the branch representative
  • Slovenian tax numbers for the parent company representatives, parent company and the representatives of the branch office

You have to submit all of the abovementioned documents to the notary. You can also establish the branch office based on power of attorney. Once you submit the documents at the notary, the branch should be registered within 14 days. After that the representative has to come to Slovenia to open the branch bank account, if needed.

Opening a branch office with the assistance of Data!

Data would be happy to offer you full support when opening a branch office. We can assist you to obtain the Slovenian tax numbers that you need.

Our legal department can prepare the decree for branch establishment and the statement from the representative. We can also submit the documents to the notary via your power-of-attorney.

Data also provides services of accountancy and tax consultation.

Should you require a business address, we can provide services of virtual office.

For additional information on opening a branch office, contact us!  Write us an email to:  You can also contact us via phone: 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).  You can also follow us on Facebook.

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