A single work and residence permit in Slovenia, EU

As a company representative you would have a lot of work and responsibilities in the process of establishing your business in Slovenia and in Europe. We suggest you, to leave obtaining single work and residence permit and other permits to our experts. They are specialised in the field of migration, labour and commercial law.

You will quickly and effectively regulate your status in Slovenia with the active help and advice of our experts.

What can we do for you?

  •    Open a company and help you with business migration.
  •   Advise you in the process of employment and migration in the Republic of Slovenia, EU.
  •   Find the most simple, effective, fast and cost-efficient solution for you.
  •   Prepare all the necessary documentation, authorisations and statements.
  •   Lead the whole process of obtaining a work and residence permit.
  •   Inform you in time about the deadlines for the extension of work and residence permit.
  •   Inform you of any changes in the Law on Employment and Work of Foreigners.
  •   We offer 360-degree support with business consultations, accounting services and legal consulting.

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Several ways to work and reside in Slovenia, EU

  1. Single work and residence permit for company representatives.

Due to expansion and relocation of business foreign representatives managing companies opt for long-term employment in the Republic of Slovenia. Logically, they need to obtain work and residence permit for a foreign representative. To obtain it on the basic of business migration, the company must prove that it actively operates.

This means that before applying for work and residence permit for foreigner they should prove, that the company actively operates. First option to prove that, is to have one EU-citizen employed for six months full-time. The other option is to have 10.000 EUR of turnover each month in in the last half of the year. As the third option the company, younger than six months, should invest 50.000 EUR in items needed for its business conduct.

  1. Registration of short-term work representative.

If foreign representatives have no intention of working in the Republic of Slovenia, he could opt for registration of short term work representative. The Slovenian law on employment, self-employment and work of foreigners enables a quick and simple solution without any additional conditions. A foreign representative can register as a short-term representative. On this basic a representative could represent his company in Slovenia 90 days per calendar year.

  1. Employment of a foreign worker by a company, registered in Slovenia.

Companies wishing to employ foreigners from countries outside the EU for a particular job position can do so with the labour market control. We can run this special recruitment process for you. Therefore we can announce job vacancies, conduct interviews with potential candidates and prepare all the necessary documentation. In order for a foreigner to be employed, a company has to demonstrate that in the Slovenian Registry of Unemployed People there is no suitable person for this particular job position. Furthermore, it has to demonstrate, that a company is not in liquidation or bankruptcy and that it actively operates. A worker needs a certificate of non-criminal record from country of citizenship.

  1. Recruitment of staff with higher education.

An exception to the possibility mentioned above is the employment of staff with higher education from third countries*. In this case a company is not required to demonstrate active business conduct or make an investment. However, it must prove that in the Slovenian Registry of Unemployed People there is no other suitable candidate.

  1. EU blue card.

The Slovenian employer may obtain the EU Blue Card for staff with higher education from third world countries*. Also, in this case, it is not necessary to prove the company’s active business conduct or to invest. Although they have to obtain a statement from the Employment Office of Slovenia. It has to state, that in their Registry of Unemployed People there is no suitable candidate. Moreover, a company should sign a one-year contract with foreign worker(s) for a salary of at least 1.5-times of the average salary in Slovenia. In addition, the foreign worker needs to have his education attested by the Slovenian Ministry of Education. A foreigner with the EU Blue Card can immediately begin with the process of family reunification. In other cases, it has to wait for one year.

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In companies where a foreigner is employed with the labour market control a representative must already have legal status in Slovenia.

* Third-country nationals come from countries which are not members of the EU, EEA and Swiss Confederation.

Family reunification in Slovenia

Close family members (a spouse and children under the age of 18) of entrepreneurs and employees from abroad can apply in Slovenia for a residence permit on the basis of family reunification. A foreign national who already has a work and residence permit in Slovenia may apply for family reunification after the first permit extension. This is after one year. If they would like to reunite with family members, their new permit must be valid for at least one year. In some cases, they can apply for family reunification earlier than that.

One of the most important conditions that must be met is financial. In order to reunite with one’s family a foreigner must demonstrate they have sufficient financial resources for supporting family members. To be sure, we encourage you to consult our financial experts how much should your monthly income be to meet this condition.

What are the benefits of family reunification?

On the basis of employment and social insurance of one person, other dependants can have the right to health insurance in Slovenia – spouse, children up to the age of 18 years or children up to 26 years if still in school. Children and other dependants must have a previously arranged social status in Slovenia.

School-age children are also eligible for free inclusion in primary school, and older children in secondary school. Enrolling in university requires paying tuition, unless foreigner already have a permanent residence permit.

Our consultants can advise you in the process of family reunification. Furthermore, they can assist you in filling in and gathering all the necessary documentation and subsequent regulation of social status in Slovenia.

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From residence permit to citizenship

The DATA Company offers obtaining a residence permit (work and residence permit) on the basis of company registration.

After you open a company, you can begin to fulfil the conditions for obtaining a temporary residence permit.

When you have had your temporary residence permit for five years, you can apply for the permanent residence permit.

After ten years of residence in Slovenia you can apply for the Slovenian citizenship. mThe DATA Company offers complete formal and legal assistance in obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits, and also assists to obtain the Slovenian citizenship.

Obtaining Slovenian citizenship

Foreigners can receive Slovenian citizenship when they fulfil all the conditions for naturalization.

In the normal procedure, the applicant must be at least 18 years old on the date of application for citizenship. They must enclose their Certificate of non-criminal record from their home country. Furthermore, they should attach the evidence that they have sufficient resources to live in Slovenia. They must also prove that they have been living in Slovenia for at least 10 years. To do so, they must have certification on their status in Slovenia. The key evidence that must be enclosed in the application is also an official certificate on passing the Slovenian language exam.

In addition to the normal procedure, it is also possible to obtain Slovenian Citizenship through an urgent procedure due to the advantages that the country has from granting it for scientific, economic, cultural, national or similar reasons.

The application is to be submitted to the administrative unit, and its issue is supervised by the Ministry of the Internal Affairs.

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