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craft activity

Craft activity is a business activity that may have specific requirements. Are you choosing the right one for you? You might need a permit or licence. Furthermore, we will explain what craft activities are. Where can you get the right education? What else do you need? You can ask our business consultants all of that. They are experts and will help you with company registration. Do you want to open a business in Slovenia? Before the registration, you have to decide about your main company activity. Is it going to be craft activity? Once you have an idea, you can also consult our legal experts At first, all you need to do is call our Viber/WhatsApp +386 40 530 718 or send us an e-mail to Don’t wait! So, start today!

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First, choose the main activity

As mentioned above, one of the first steps of company registration is choosing company activities. What will your business do? Are you choosing craft activity? Above all, you have to choose your main activity. However, you can add additional ones. What’s more, they can be added or deleted later on.

Migrate to Slovenia

When you are choosing activities in Slovenia, you have to check SKD. That is the Standard Classification of Activities. In order to see it, click here. That is a table of all activities in Slovene and English. There are different types of activities:

  • regulated activity
  • unregulated activity
  • craft activity

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What is craft activity?

Craft activity is usually a small a smaller business. That means that there is no mass production. Additionally, there are no automatic processes or conveyor belts. It is usually based on individual orders. Those are then fulfilled one by one. In most cases such business owners need the specific education. Maybe a licence? All of that is regulated by the Decree of craft activities.

Do you need accounting services?

What do you need to do craft activity?

Let’s look at what the document says. What do you need for each craft activity? You can either get a high school education or a NVQ. That is a national vocational qualification.

If you need help understanding Slovenian legislation, you can contact our legal consultants. They are experts in immigration law and can help you on your way to business registration. If you are ready to start your business path in Slovenia, don’t hesitate to call us: +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or send us an e-mail to To stay in touch, follow us on Facebook!

Start business in Slovenia now!

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