How do I open a company in Slovenia? Where do I start?

How do I open a company in Slovenia? Where do I start?

How do I open a company in Slovenia?

How do I open a company in Slovenia is a question that every future entrepreneur asks. What do I need to know before starting a business? What are the most common types of companies? If you need advice or our help before registering your company, please contact DATA d.o.o.!

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What is the first step?

If you plan to start your journey in business for the first time, it makes sense to check whether your business idea is good enough. When your idea is sufficiently elaborated, it is recommended to create a business plan that will be the basis of your business. The first step on the way to the answer to the question “how do I open a company in Slovenia” is thus completed.

Do you know which company type to choose?

Before you set up a company, you should also check whether you have to meet any conditions to carry out your activity. In the start, you should also ask yourself the question – which form of company to choose? In general, business people most often decide to establish a limited liability company (d.o.o. – LTD). What is the difference between this type and the s.p.? One of these is, for example, that for the establishment of a limited liability company it is necessary to deposit 7,500 euros of founding capital. For the s.p. you do not need to deposit any share capital. If you have a company abroad, you can also open a branch or a subsidiary!

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How do I open a company and where – the answer is the DATA company!

When you have all the answers to the question “How do I open a company in Slovenia”, come to the DATA point, where the company registration process is quick and easy. Also, the registration itself it free of charge. You can also get the help of an experienced consultant who advises you on the choice of the activities. At the same time, we also consult you on other matters, like if your business needs a specific license. We can also help to obtain the work and residence permits, if you plan to employ non-EU citizens.

I opened a company in Slovenia- what now?

When the “how do I open a company in Slovenia” phase is completed, you are not alone if you choose DATA! We offer everything in one place that business people might need. In addition to the fact that our DATA accounting service can provide you with bookkeeping, our company has experienced tax and legal advisors who are at your disposal for any problems that may arise on your entrepreneurial journey. Call +386 1 6006 274 or +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). This way you get all the services you need. Now, you can embark on the journey to start your own business in Slovenia!

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