Trading electronics in the EU by opening a company in Slovenia

Trading electronics in the EU

Trading electronics in the EU by opening a company in Slovenia

Are you considering trading electronics in the EU by opening a company in Slovenia? That way you will conduct your business in the EU easier.

Trading electronics in the EU – VAT identification nubmer

Foreign entrepreneurs usually consider opening a company in Slovenia and obtaining a VAT identification number for the purposes of import and export of electronics to the EU. If you are interested in trading electronics through Slovenia to the EU, it is necessary for your company to enter to the VAT system. We recommend that you apply for a VAT identification number immediately after the registration of the company. Bear in mind that a company does not automatically obtain a VAT number just by company registration.

After registration, you have to submit the application for a VAT identification number. The process of obtaining a VAT identification number lasts about 30 days from the submission of the full documentation. You also have to prove that you plan to conduct business actively. The proof of active business conduct are usually pro-forma invoices, advance payments, contracts, letters of intent, enrollment in insurance and similar. The more evidence you can gather on active business conduct, the sooner you will obtain a VAT identification number.

What type of company for trading electronics can you open in Slovenia if you are a foreigner, a citizen of a country that is not a member of the EU?

Foreign entrepreneurs can open a private company limited by shares (LTD) or a branch office. You can open an LTD easily at our »One-Stop Shop« DATA for free! Branch office has to be opened at the notary, which we at DATA can also do based on a power-of-attorney.

Secondly, you have to know that the minimal founding capital in an LTD company is 7.500 EUR. There is no need for founding capital when opening a branch office.

Trading electronics in Slovenia – how can we help in the process?

The company DATA can offer you complete support and consultation on the types of business conduct in Slovenia, the actual process of company registration, obtaining work and residence permits.

We also offer a business address (virtual office), accounting services, tax and accounting consultation, legal consultation from the fields of economic, labor and migration law as well as all other support connected to business conduct.

Trading electronics – contact us!

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