Clock change in 2023 – when will we move the clocks?

Clock change in 2023 - when will we move the clocks?

When does summer time this year begin? In other words, when will we move the clocks? The first day of the 2023 clock change is the last Sunday in March. At the end of October, we will move the hands of the clock again! Will the clock change affect your business? Are you perhaps from North America and want to start a business in Slovenia, so the time is an important question?

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Clock change 2023 – summer time

At the end of this month, we will already have our first 2023 clock change. We will switch to summer time on the last Sunday in March. More precisely, we’ll move the clocks on 26 March 2023, and we’ll move them at night; when the it is 2:00 am, the clocks will move to 3:00 am. We like to say that means an hour less sleep.

When will the second clock change in 2023?

Just over seven months after the first clock change, the second clock change will take place in 2023. We will change to standard time this year on 29 October 2023, when the clocks will change back to 2:00 am at night at 3:00 am.

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It will certainly not be the last time!

There were several discussions about cancelling the clockwise movement. However, the 2023 clock movement will not be the last. In fact, in 2019, members of the European Parliament decided to stop the clock change. However, it did not work out. Eventually, the European Commission then decided that we would continue to move the clocks at least until 2026.

What about Slovenia?

In Slovenia, we change the clock since 1983. The 2023 clock change will therefore mark the 40th anniversary of the clock strike. However, the fact that we move the clocks back one hour every last Sunday in October and forward one hour every last Sunday in March was finally established in 2006. However, all countries in the world do not bother with clock movements. Countries that use a single time throughout the year include China, South Korea, Japan, India, Russia and Iceland.

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Timezones and businesses

Timezones can significantly affect business activities. The business world has never been so globalized and digitized. Therefore, communications, transactions, traveling and meetings, marketing strategies are all dependent on the timezones. Each business tries to adapt to its partners so they would cooperate better. But that sometimes can create organizational issues. That is one of the reasons more and more businesses create unique departments for these purposes. What about your business?

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