Company in EU – opportunities in Slovenia

Company in EU and opportunities in Slovenia

Company in EU – forms of company that you can register in Slovenia

A company in EU – the question that we get a lot is: “If I am a foreigner, what are my opportunities to open a company in Slovenia?” Basically, there are 3 possible forms that you can register, and the conditions are the same for everyone. In the company Data we can help you to open a LTD as a natural person, LTD as a legal entity (daughter company) or a branch office. In Data we can also prepare you all the necessary documents for the registration, and we as well offer business address and bookkeeping services. If you are a foreign citizen, you do not need residency in Slovenia to open a company.

How to register LTD company in EU?

The most common legal form in Slovenia is a private limited company (LTD). LTD can have one or more founders, and you can register it as a natural person or as a legal entity. The starting capital is 7,500 euros. You can use your capital for your business to: pay salaries, expenses, investment. You must be present at the registration of your company in EU. Your parent company, owners and legal representative must have Slovenian tax numbers if you want to open a subsidiary company. The representative of the future daughter company must have Slovenian tax number and certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia. If you want to open LTD as a natural person, all founders and representatives must have Slovenian tax numbers. They also have to obtain certificates of non-criminal record.

The company in EU and what you need?

In addition, you must also have the following information: company name, address of the company, who will be the representative. And also how much will be the capital investment in the company activities. You can deposit starting capital through your personal account or in cash, if you open a company as a natural person. And through the account of the parent company if you open a daughter company. You can register you company in EU at our offices and we guide you through the entire process. The registration deadline is up to 15 days.

Company in EU – how to register a branch office?

If you wish to register a branch office, you must also include the annual financial report into the parent company’s books. The parent company will be responsable for all the debts of the branch office. For branch office you have to register the same activity, as in parent company. You do not need starting capital to open a branch office. Registration is done by a notary, but we can do it based on the power of attorney. The process last up to 14 days after submitting complete documentation. Data can help you organize everything you need to register a branch office – to have a company in EU.

After you will register a company in EU, you can work on the European market.

If you need more information about opening a company in EU and doing business in EU, please write us to e-mail or call us at tel. number 00 386 1 6006 270 or Viber 00 386 40 530 718.

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