Immigration through business in Slovenia

Immigration through business in Slovenia, Europe

Have you established a company and are considering immigration through business in Slovenia? Do you know which steps you need to make after you have obtained your work and residence permit? This article will explain, what you need to consider when doing immigration through business in Slovenia.

Immigration through business in Slovenia – how to achieve it?

If you have established a company in Slovenia, you can apply for your work and residence permit if the company fulfilled one of the following conditions. The fastest possibility is for the company to make an investment into fixed assets in the amount of 50.000€. The second possibility it to employ a person (EU citizen or permanent resident of Slovenia) for a period of 6 months on a full work day. After having the person employed 6 months in the company and paying him salary, you can apply for your work and residence permit. The third possibility is to show company turnover 10.000€ each month for 6 consecutive months. As soon as one of these conditions is fulfilled, you can start the process of immigration through business in Slovenia.

Immigration through business in Slovenia – register your temporary address

Immigration through business in Slovenia does not stop when you obtain your work and residence permit. Аs you pick up your card, you have to travel to Slovenia and register your temporary physical address within 3 days of entering the territory of Slovenia. You can register your personal address at a residential building but you would need consent from the owner of the apartment or house. You can prove the consent either by your rent agreement or by a special statement. The owner has to sign it and allow you to register your temporary address there.

Immigration through business in Slovenia – enrollment in social security of Slovenia

As soon as you have your temporary address registered, you would have to enroll into social security of Slovenia. You can do so at our or any other VEM/SPOT point in Slovenia. Making the enrollment at the VEM/SPOT point is free of charge. This means that you are officially employed in your company and your company needs to start paying you salary. With it, you will also enrolled in Slovene medical insurance and pensions funds.

Immigration through business in Slovenia – passing the medical examination and safety at work seminar

All the above mentioned processes will allow you to start working and living in Slovenia. But in order for your company to have all the appropriate documentation and conduct the business according to Slovene legislation, all employees also have to pass a safety at work seminar and medical examination prior to starting their first day of work. This is mandatory for all employees – foreign or local.

Immigration through business in Slovenia – what can Data do for you?

Data can support you through the entire process from start to finish. We can assist you to obtain the necessary documents for company registration. You can register your company at our VEM/SPOT point free of charge and you can also make the enrollment to social security funds here.

Our department for foreigners can assist you in the process immigration through business in Slovenia. Legal advisors in Data can help you to understand the legislation in order to conduct your business legally.

We also offer services of accountancy and provide a virtual office if you do not have an address to register your business in Slovenia.

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